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10 Tips To Keep Your Storage Organised

Whether you need advice on how to pack a self-storage unit or how to keep your room tidy and organised, the key is making sure you have a system in place and are on top of your organisation.

We can all become guilty of letting our belongings overflow and when it comes to looking at how to pack for a move, for example, it can become a bit tricky – so we’ve put together these 10 top tips for how to organise your storage.

1. Declutter

Before you start packing boxes or you’re just looking at how to organise a small house with no storage, make a thorough declutter your first port of call. If you’ve not worn clothes for over a year or they no longer fit you, give them the boot! The same applies to accessory items such as scarves, bags or jewellery – rather than gathering dust in your drawers you could give them to family or friends or donate them to charity.

Keeping hold of books you’ve read and will never read again is simply a waste of great literature! Donate these to a community bookshelf or something similar and share the words you’ve enjoyed with other people. Notes or essays from school, college or university – are you really ever going to read or use them ever again? Just a few ideas of where to start – be ruthless and have a good cleanse before you start with your storage packing.

2. Be smart with storage

Start the packing process by cleaning and polishing your furniture and making sure everything you’re putting away is in good shape. If you have furniture that can be taken apart to economise space then do so, but also remember to keep a few pieces together to use as a storage unit for other boxes and items.

3. Pick one size of box

This may sound very simplistic, but picking one size of box will really help you with easy stacking – not only that but easy access. Make sure the boxes you choose are strong and sturdy.

4. Maximise all the space you have

If you’re brainstorming ideas of how to organise your storage closet, you’ll want to maximise the space available to you. Create a system – rather than throwing it all in and it overflowing, invest time in working out what you need your space to offer. It also makes total sense to make full use of empty, useless space. For example, if you have limited space in a bedroom but an inviting empty space in the bottom of a closet, pop a set of drawers in there to utilise and create space at the same time.

5. Identify items you will need to access easily

So, how are you going to organise a storage unit, room or shed when you know you’ll need access to some of the items while they’re living there? Identify all of the things you think you’ll need in a list, group those items together and make sure they’re totally accessible. Place a special mark on the boxes to make them easy to spot.

6. Label all of your boxes

This is so important and one of the most important points of how to pack and organise a storage unit. You will leave yourself a huge headache when you come to looking for items or unpacking boxes if you don’t label first. Include the room it came from and the full contents of the box on a clear label.

7. Create an organised layout for your storage space

Create a space with a walkway to access all of your boxes with ease. This is especially helpful if you need to get your hands on your storage frequently. To organise this perfectly, stick up a key of where everything is on the inside of your unit, room or garage storage – that way you’re easily mapping out how to find your belongings.

8. Invest in shelves

If this is a medium to long-term solution, you may want to invest in a set of shelves for the outskirts of your space. This will create extra floor space to move around in and also allow you to have a clear view of your boxes.

9. Look for ways to use your space creatively

Not only is it great to think creatively to make the best use of your self-storage space, but it’s also perfect if you’re thinking about how to organise a craft room with storage in your house. If you are into your arts and crafts, the mess can be a huge issue and a hindrance to the success of your production line! Add shelving, use jam jars for your cotton reels or buttons or use empty wall space by mounting hooks and racks there. If you have to move and these bits and bobs have to go into a self-storage unit, they’ll already be in perfectly organised shape to pop in boxes.

10. Put heavy items at the bottom

A big aim of being organised is ensuring your items come out of storage unscathed. Keep your delicate items unharmed by stacking by weight and also make sure everything is balanced.

Hopefully, these 10 top tips will help you avoid storage headaches – stay organised and the rest will be a breeze!

Self Storage for Everyone