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5 things you need to think about when moving office space

Moving to another office space is a big moment for any business, offering a change of scenery and new exciting opportunities. The final result may be well worth it, but there’s no denying that the moving process can be a stressful one.

With so much to do and so many pieces of equipment to pack away, having a plan in place is vital. Not only will it make sure you’re on the right track, but you’ll also be able to take your time instead of dealing with the last minute panic. Knowing where to start can be the trickiest task of all, so we’ve made a list of five things to think about when moving office space to get you going.

It’d be wonderful if the move-out and move-in dates always matched, but this isn’t always the case. You may find that you have to move out a few days earlier than you’d have hoped, leaving you with a ton of office furniture and nowhere to put it all.

Always check this in advance so you don’t get a shock when the date rolls around. If you end up in a situation where you can’t move straight in, using one of our secure storage units is the way to go. You’ll have somewhere safe to keep everything, giving you more time to get organised and fully prepped for the big move and it even offers some additional storage space while you get settled in your new location.

The move itself
You might be raring to go once everything is packed away neatly, but you should be careful not to underestimate the moving process. It can be hectic and time consuming if not planned out properly, especially if you don’t have a van or a team willing to help.

Start with a realistic plan of how you’ll get from A to B, including how long it’ll take and how many vans you’ll need to carry all of the furniture or supplies. Once you’ve got an idea of the route and have a decent estimate of how much stuff you’ll need to move, start getting quotes from moving services in your area to get the best price. Always check reviews before you decide on a company, as the cheapest option isn’t always the best.

Updating details
You and the team know about the big office move, but what about your clients? Even if they don’t visit your current office, not updating your details can make the business appear unprofessional or cause issues with suppliers.

Make sure all business details are correct as soon as you settle into your new space – you could even give clients a heads up by sending out an email in advance. This is
recommended more-so if you have regular client meetings or sell directly to customers from your space. Check that all social media channels, directories and business listings on Google are correct when you’ve finished unpacking to let potential customers know where you are in the world.

Leftover furniture
Whether you’re downsizing on space or upgrading your equipment, you may not want to bring all of your current office furniture with you. It’s well worth storing the leftover furniture in a storage unit if you’re likely to expand your business further, plus it means having a backup plan should equipment fail.

When it comes to unusable technology, make sure you permanently remove all personal and business documents stored on there before disposing of it. This is even more important if you plan on donating old technology, as you don’t want anyone coming across private business documentation.

Phones and WiFi
A workstation without a phone and internet access isn’t much use to anyone, let alone your clients. Missing just a couple of phone calls can cause a client to go to a competitor, even more so if they aren’t aware you’re moving.

Get in touch with your chosen phone and WiFi supplier a few months in advance to find out how long it would take to get both installed. Calling early allows you to get a slot booked in that’s convenient for you, helping to ensure a smooth transition from office to office.

With these tips under your belt and a plan in place, your office move should go smoothly.

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