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6 easy tips for selling your house

Selling your house is considered to be a stressful time when it should be one of the most exciting prospects there is. Moving home is a great way of reinvigorating your life and having a fresh start in a property you adore.

If you’re looking for tips when it comes to selling your house quickly and efficiently, you’ve come to the right place. From advice on how to present your property for sale to how to act when potential buyers visit, you’ll find all the best selling house tips right here.

How to sell your house quickly

Knowing how to sell your house quickly may seem impossible now, but with these tips, you’ll get the perfect buyer to bite in no time.

Research estate agents

You can compare prices when it comes to fees, but the cheapest nor the most expensive may not be the best option for you. While it should come into consideration – you don’t want to get a bad deal – reputation and reviews should be the most important factors.

How to present your house for sale

The aesthetic of your home is what will push potential buyers into becoming just buyers. Nobody will get a good vibe from a home piled with unnecessary stuff, so freshen up each room and create a lovely open space by decluttering entirely. When it comes to selling your house, you want the viewer to be able to imagine this house becoming their home.

This doesn’t mean throwing out your personal belongings just to please others; simply get it out of the way and put it into a secure storage unit. Doing so will allow you to make the most out of your space and create a fresh atmosphere while still having access to your things. You’ll have more space to tastefully accessorise and ensure your home is more of a blank canvas that they can envision putting their own spin on.

Don’t forget the outside

It’s easy to spot clutter and untidy areas of the home, but what about the outside? You don’t want to put off viewers before they even get inside, so it’s important the outside matches the inside. Consider giving fences a lick of paint, weeding the path and adding some plants beside the front door to give it a boost.

Make the most out of your front and back garden, regardless of how its size. Allowing your outdoor spaces to become overgrown with weeds will not only look messy but make these areas appear much smaller than they are.

If you’re leaving a shed behind, make sure you declutter it and put your tools into storage to make the most out of this selling point.

Remember the little things

You may have forgotten about the broken light bulbs or peeling paintwork, but your eagle-eyed viewers are sure to spot such details. They’ll be looking for both the positive and negatives of the home, it’s your job – and that of the estate agent – to ensure there are far more positives than negatives.

Don’t be overbearing

It may be tempting to follow potential buyers around the house in an attempt to be friendly, but this can come across in the wrong manner. Rather than making them feel welcome, it may make them feel too uncomfortable to ask the estate agent any questions.

Let them tour the property freely with the estate agent, remaining ready to answer any question once they’ve finished having a look around.

Be ready to answer questions

As mentioned above, the viewer will probably have a few questions once they’ve finished the tour. It’s wise to be prepared with answers regarding the house as you’ll never know what will crop up.

Typical topics usually include internet speed, what the local area is like, storage space and the parking situation. Think about what you’d want to know about the place if you were viewing it for the very first time as this will help you be more informative.

Moving house should be an exciting time, so we hope our tips have helped to remove some of the stress. If you need to declutter your home before putting it on the market, Ready Steady Store can help. We have safe and secure storage units located all around the country, all of which are incredibly convenient.

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