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7 home interior trends you can copy from Pinterest

Pinterest released their top 100 trends in December looking ahead to 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited for the interior inspiration! This list coupled with trends we love from searches on the site got us thinking about which ideas could translate into your own homes. Pinterest is the perfect platform for creative dreaming and gathering inspiration. So we’ve put together our seven favourites to get the wheels in motion for your next DIY project.

1. Basket or crate shelving for your bathroom

Attach the baskets or crates to the wall to create a floating shelving effect. You can store and display your rolled up towels, toiletries and maybe even a beautiful potted plant. It looks great and is also extremely practical for space-saving in your bath or shower room. There are lots of little DIY bathroom hacks you could get on board with, on Pinterest. For example, practical storage solutions for your shower toiletries – you could pop up a curtain rail in your shower with rings and clips and hang your products from it to save your back.

2. Display kitchenware on open shelving

Kitchen storage has traditionally been designed to hide away your spices, pots, pans and utensils. The new trend cropping up, in total contrast, is to display these items. Open shelving creates an inviting, living space feel. Of course, you only want to display your attractive items, so select your finest utensils and pots and pop your spices, pasta and oils in display-worthy jars. After all, you didn’t buy those beautiful copper finish pans only to hide them away in a cupboard! You can still cleverly use your cupboards to hide the plastic bits and bobs and weathered, but faithful, kitchenware.

3. Bold printed wallpaper

Bold colours and big prints on wallpaper has been a huge trend and continues to grow. No longer be afraid to unleash your wild side – Pinterest says that bright prints and tropical leaves are the way forward! Copy this trend and breathe fresh life into an otherwise drab room.

4. Succulents aren’t going anywhere!

These low-maintenance green plants have been very popular in the past couple of years and it looks as though they’re going nowhere. Get your hands on some statement pots to reflect your style and then make a feature out of a beautiful cactus arrangement. You’ll even be purifying the air while you’re at it. They mainly enjoy bright and sunny warm spots to live, so bear that in mind when you’re choosing where to showcase your plants. The Royal Horticultural Society has put together a comprehensive care guide for cacti and succulents to help you along the way.

5. Yellow

Searches for mustard yellow were up by 45% on Pinterest in 2018 proving this striking colour is a huge trend. Reupholster your sofa with eye-catching yellow material, paint a feature wall and get creative with accessories such as cushions, throws, plant pots or lampshades. Or you could even be brave with wallpaper (patterned or plain!) and transform your home into a happy and colourful yellow haven.

6. Geometric shapes

This is a huge trend that you can really get creative with – geometric shapes are making a reappearance in a big way. You could DIY this trend by painting patterns onto your walls, or use versatile Japanese washi tape to create clean geometric lines over your existing painted walls or even invest in a geometric wallpaper. Don’t forget you could also have fun bringing in geometric accessories such as tea light holders or terrariums, lamp shades or mirrors.

7. Matt black

There’s a theme with these trends – they’re all bold. Bold choices in wallpaper, colour, patterns and shapes. Chic all-black designs are no different and create a fabulous sense of drama in your home. Experiment with accessories such as lighting, seating or side tables or go all out and opt for covering floors or walls. Another new trend for 2019 is statement ceilings, so this could be a great opportunity!

These seven Pinterest ideas are hopefully a handy inspirational guide to get you started – use your imagination and translate these trends into your home.

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