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Alternative creative spaces in Nottingham

Nottingham is an amazing place to absorb art in every distinction. With galleries, museums, installations, exhibitions and arts-related projects happening all over the city, you’ll struggle to fit it all in if you’re visiting the famous city. Art is something that transcends and challenges norms, creates culture, divides and demands opinion. It is one of the most effective ways to bring communities together in the name of something creative, and Nottingham is a hotbed of artistic talent.

One of the most prominent issues with being a professional or semi-professional artist is creating a regular cash flow. A majority of artists won’t be able to afford the luxury of an art studio, yet at the same time, it’s almost a necessity to have a dedicated creative space.

Photographers and artists – Alternative creative spaces

This will often result in an artist adapting some space at home to be able to ply their trade in whatever artistic medium they work within. This is a viable option and it definitely makes financial sense to use a space that’s already being paid for. The only issue with any home studio or related space is the importance of separating home and creative life. Even though art is a creative medium it still needs to have the same discipline that a regular occupation entails. This is fine if you’re okay with mixing home and work in one setting. However, this isn’t everyone’s idea of an ideal creative setting. Consequently, people often rent out separate spaces like creative studios.

It’s essential for an artist to have a creative space. But it’s just as important to ensure that whatever creative space is being used is financially viable, so that undue pressure isn’t added into the situation. Also, that the creative space is a genuine creative location that has a defined separation from the artist’s home life.

Use Ready Steady Store as an alternative space

So how would an aspiring artist in Nottingham strike this balance of having an affordable creative space that doesn’t break the bank? For those who readily and often think outside of the box, using a self storage unit as an alternative creative studio space could be the perfect solution. At Ready Steady Store Storage, we offer the most affordable and versatile self storage units in Nottingham.

We cater for hundreds of business and personal customers from every walk of life. Furthermore, it’s becoming an increasingly popular trend for people to use self storage units for alternative purposes. Therefore, what was once considered just a storage space is now an open space with a multitude of potential possibilities.

With 24/7 access and drive-up storage units, you’ll be able to access your alternative creative studio at any time. So it’s possible for you to plan a schedule that suits your life and creative needs.

We have a range of storage options, with a variety of storage unit sizes on offer. So just about any creative medium can store or use it as an alternative creative space.

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Self Storage for Everyone