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Courier companies – partner with Ready Steady Store for storage

Courier companies connect people and businesses in Nottingham every day. It’s a successful business sector, helping to drive Nottingham’s economy while performing the essential task of getting goods/parcels from A to B. Running a courier company is no easy task. A number of factors are involved such as customer interaction, requests for updates, reams of paperwork and waybills. Not to mention the biggest hurdle to jump over – the Nottingham traffic. It takes a lot of planning and business savvy to start a successful courier company in a large city like Nottingham. Therefore, it’s important to keep costs to a minimum.

One great thing about starting a courier company is that it’s relatively easy to get one up and running. The model is fairly simple. Get a number of vehicles, hopefully in various sizes, and match that with an equal amount of drivers. A good knowledge of Nottingham is essential. And for the first year or two you’ll have to be involved with the hands-on work. Raising funds to get an initial lot of vehicles will take a lot of saving and investment. But if you’re savvy and keep other costs low, you could rent-to-buy a fleet of vehicles to lower your initial outlay costs.

If you’re approaching this from an entrepreneurial angle then you might want to do some planning to see if there are any gaps in the market where a specialised courier company might fit in. For example, if you have a decent knowledge of art and antiques, you could highlight this when you market your company. Especially if you understand the sort of additional care and packaging needed for transporting these goods. The same goes for a number of selective markets. It might take you longer to gain a base of customers but you could also use this opportunity to gradually increase your vehicle and employee numbers to match your growth.

Partner with Ready Steady Store

There is one specific place where your courier venture would save money and that’s by partnering with Ready Steady Store Storage.

We have been working with businesses and entrepreneurs in Nottingham for years. We’ve helped several cut their costs using our storage units for offsite storage. We’re now seeing a number of forward-thinking business owners rent our storage units to use as alternative depots.

If you think of what your courier company’s requirements for a depot are, you’ll find them all at Ready Steady Store. We have drive-up storage units so you can load and offload your goods with ease. Each storage unit has wide shutter doors to accommodate large and bulky items. And with 24/7 access, you will be free to work longer if you have jobs where you need to work outside of normal office hours. There’s an onsite forklift available if the loads are on pallets. As everything is ground level you don’t have to navigate narrow corridors or use lifts to access your storage units.

You can even do your admin or rent out a second storage unit as an office. Our customers can use our WiFi for free and we offer document storage for archive purposes. There’s also space where you can hold meetings on site. We have mailboxes if you need a company PO Box. And we’ll also assist you with any additional contents insurance you might need, as well as getting you a discount.

Courier companies are an essential part of Nottingham. They keep businesses connected to their clients and customers and they help people send their parcels to loved ones. And Ready Steady Store is the perfect fit for courier companies to help keep the costs down.

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Self Storage for Everyone