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Tool storage ideas and solutions

Many tradespeople and DIY fanatics have fallen victim to damage or theft of their tools and equipment at some point in their lives or career. The reason for this is that most houses, garages, and loft spaces are not designed for the kind of storage required for the likes of tools. Power tools are also a common currency for thieves and a work vehicle can act as a calling card, which is why having the right tool storage solutions is vital.

Instead of throwing your tools into your van and leaving them there overnight, consider adopting some of our tool storage ideas to help get the most out of your space. Whether you’re working in the business or simply love DIY, these tool storage ideas will help declutter your home and keep your valuable tools secure.

Tool storage ideas

Here are some of our top five, tool storage solutions to make your life – and job – a whole lot easier.

Storage unit – for expensive tools that need a safe home
Storage units allow you to declutter your home while keeping your tools safe and secure. Out of all of our tool storage ideas, this is the one that’ll offer both increased security and organisation.

Here at Ready Steady Store, we believe that we can help you find a dedicated space to not only store your tools and equipment but also serve as a new base of operations, should you need it.

The security of our customers’ possessions is paramount – every storage unit has an alarm and CCTV monitoring, as well as its own individual access code and a secure roller shutter door.

You’ll also have the same level of access you’d find by storing at home. We provide 24/7 access to your storage unit and drive up access to all units. So you’ll be able to load and offload your tools and equipment whenever you need to – perfect for those late finishes and early starts.

Over the door hooks – for clean and clear garage storage
You may have believed they were just for towels and coats, but over the door hooks have a plethora of uses. Find one that features multiple thin metal prongs to get the most out of this handy tool storage solution.

You can hang anything with a hole or hook, such as wrenches, on these affordable accessories. Plus, they fit over most doors and can be attached to walls with minor adjustments, making them perfect for storage in garden sheds or garages.

If you don’t have any doors to hang these hooks on, use tie and belt racks. You can also pick up designs with flat backs that don’t hook over the doors, so you can simply glue it to a wall.

Foam pincushion – for everyday tools you need easy access to
Try creating a pincushion for your sharp tools such as screwdrivers and drill bits. Simply glue some thick foam insulation or styrofoam to the middle of a plywood board, which should be around an inch thicker and broader than the foam.

Leave it to dry before using a small screwdriver to poke holes where you want the tools to sit. Don’t worry about getting the holes to match the exact size of the tool as they’ll widen as you push them through.

A foam pincushion looks great above workbenches and is easy to customise with marker pens.

Eyeglasses case – for small but necessary tools and accessories
As odd as it may sound, the cases that come with glasses are incredibly handy for storing small tools and accessories. Fill them with drill bits, screws and the like – it’s much easier to grab one to slot into your pocket than it is digging around in a toolbox for them.

If you’re the organised type, you can label your eyeglasses cases with a sticker or colour code them so you know exactly what is in it. This way, you can easily grab your small essentials without rooting around and you’ll be able to keep track of those easy to lose accessories.

Binders – to keep smaller items in a safe place
We aren’t talking about filing away your paperwork here, but rather storing those small bits and pieces you tend to lose.

Those who love to be organised will adore this tool storage solution. It’s quick and easy, all you have to do is get extra strong poly pockets with punched sides as well as a durable binder. Plus, if you leave it in a van or out in the garage, it isn’t obvious that it features tool bits that thieves may be inclined to take.

Fill the pockets of the binder with your bits and pieces – think drill bits, sellotape, small screwdrivers and any other small tools you need.

If you’re extra organised, why not make a mini contents page so you always know where everything is? You don’t have to do this is you’d prefer to be quick with your storage – just make sure you choose clear poly pockets so you can find your tools quickly.

Keeping your tools safe and secure shouldn’t be difficult, nor should they clutter your home or vehicle. Ready Steady Store has storage units based in a number of locations, and you’ll have the freedom to visit yours whenever you wish.

Self Storage for Everyone