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Local tradesmen are the foundation of what makes Nottingham one of the major cities in the UK. They’re the platform upon which everything is built and the reason why the cogs that turn the many parts of Nottingham are maintained and well oiled.

The city and the surrounding suburbs relies on new construction to contribute towards growth. For example, new houses for the growing populace of Nottingham as it acquires talented people to work in its many major industries. New office buildings and factories when the services and manufacturing industries increase their presence. New bars, pubs, and restaurants, and other leisure activities all require premises. And when everything is finally built, Nottingham then relies on its many specialist tradesmen to maintain and repair everything.

Self-employed tradesmen – keep your tools and equipment safe

Anyone who owns or works for a SME as a tradesman will understand the challenges and obstacles involved with the job. One scenario we’ve discovered when we’ve talked to some of our clients, is that SMEs often don’t have a dedicated work space. Often they will store their tools and equipment at home or in the work’s vehicle. Renting a depot or a work space is often the last thing that a SME trade company can afford. Because they may not require a large work space, renting wouldn’t make financial sense.

We’ve also found that a lot of tradesmen also suffered from damage or theft. The reason for this is that most houses, garages, and loft spaces are not designed for the kind of storage required for tradesmen. Even with a substantial contents insurance, any damage or theft can have a significant delay in replacements. And this may cause an unforeseen delay – the worst-case scenario for any tradesman. Power tools are also a common currency for thieves. And seeing a work’s vehicle can act as a calling card for unwanted attention.

Store with us

Is there a way for local tradesmen to solve these issues without causing too many additional overheads?

We believe that we can help your SME trade company find a dedicated space to store your tools and equipment. And which can also serve as your base of operations.

The security of our customers’ possessions is paramount – every storage unit has an alarm and CCTV monitoring. Every unit has its own individual access code and a secure roller shutter door.

You’ll also have the same level of access you’d find by storing at home. We provide 24/7 access to your storage unit and drive up access to all units. So you’ll be able to load and offload your tools and equipment whenever you need to. Perfect for those late finishes and early starts.

We have a variety of storage units available to suit any sized business. This means you’ll only pay for the storage space you require. It’s easy to amend your storage spaces, and we offer a range of attached services to ensure that you’ll be able to allocate all of your business’s needs under one roof.

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