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Landlords – help your business by using Ready Steady Store

When it comes to sustainable employment sectors, commercial and residential property rentals is one of the steadiest in Nottingham. With the ratio of people paying mortgages decreasing and renting properties instead, the rentals market has grown exponentially over the last twenty years. And with the rent-to-buy market providing a feasible way for landlords to take on more properties, the sector does not look like it will be losing any momentum anytime soon.

Let’s face it – being a landlord is no easy task, and the public perception of landlords isn’t often favourable. But the axiom of what makes a landlord a good landlord is visibly noticeable. Good landlords try and maintain their properties as much as possible, it’s that simple. They look after the exterior walls to ensure that rain and damp issues don’t occur. Or if they do, they act quickly because they spend a lot of time on their property and know when something needs maintenance. For example, they seal wooden furniture and surfaceswith varnish to ensure the items will last for many years. Or repaint walls both inside and out so the property does not lose its appeal. And provide tenants with decent beds and furniture because they want them to remain as tenants.

Poor maintenance not only leads to issues with the actual property, it can have a knock-on effect on its value. There is also the potential for being known as a ‘landlord to avoid’. Because public ratings and reviews are so effective, many businesses and sole proprietors who perform poorly are easier to identify.

One possible issue landlords face when trying to renovate or undertake maintenance is somewhere to store furniture. There’s often a need to remove furniture from the property, once tenants have moved out, to thoroughly clean before new tenants arrive. This can mean moving bulky items from one room to another, or even moving them between various properties. This adds to the workload, and inconveniences tenants when there is a delay. Because of this, some landlords don’t want to undertake regular maintenance to their properties, because they don’t have adequate storage spaces to retain furniture in the meantime.

And like any business, it’s essential that a landlord’s overheads are kept as low as possible to remain competitive. As well as to ensure that any additional business costs are not passed onto the tenants.

We can help

Is there an affordable way for landlords in Nottingham to store furniture to assist them when undertaking maintenance? Yes! The answer is Ready Steady Store.

We have everything a prospective landlord could need:

  • 24/7 access to fit around your schedule,
  • each store unit is drive-up which makes loading and offloading your furniture simple,
  • and, our roller doors grant access to large, bulky items.

Our self storage units suit everyone’s needs. And it’s possible for you to store an apartment’s worth of items in one of our smaller units. Or the equivalent to a household’s storage space, should the need arise.

Storing with us you can improve your rental business efficiency, while giving it an offsite space where you can store furniture and other items. So you have the added knowledge that they are safe and secure, without breaking the monthly budget.

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Self Storage for Everyone