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Multiple business storage rooms as your base of operations

Every company need a base of operations – somewhere it can call its own. Even if it doesn’t own the premises or building. Somewhere for production, planning, drawing, training, somewhere customers and clients can contact you by phone or email; no matter what sector your company operates in, it needs to have at least one central point where it all happens.

For companies that have been operating for several years or more, you may have been through a variety of properties; your business may have grown, or merged with other companies; has opened new offices, or if times have been difficult, downsized.

For start-up or relatively new companies in Nottingham (1 -2 years old), this may be new ground, especially if this is your first company. And no matter what side of the spectrum your business sits on, it’s always a good idea to be open to and absorb as much advice as possible. Especially when it’s so readily available online – do your research.

There’s no avoiding the reality of commercial rentals – they increase every year. And typically well above inflation and the consumer price index. This means that you need to budget your rental and other monthly overheads carefully. For start-up companies, this means you must do a lot of preparation and planning before your first day of trading. It also means that you need to start thinking about having a fairly substantial investment fund readily available.

Our advice for start-up and new companies is to keep your monthly overhead budget as limited as possible. If you need internet and phone packages for your company, try to shop around to get the best deal for what you need for your business. For every overhead listed on your budget, get a minimum of three comparative quotes, to ensure value for money. Also weigh the value of money against reviews from your peers. There’s no value for something that’s cheap but that doesn’t work properly.

This also applies to your rental costs. For companies that only need a limited amount of space, there’s often ways to keep those overheads down. There’s office sharing, specially designed small office units for start-up businesses. And if you’ve been reading our blogs, you’ll have seen articles that have discussed the possibility of renting a Ready Steady Store Storage self storage unit for use as an alternative office or study.

There are numerous viable options for companies that starting out or who need a limited amount of space. But that doesn’t help much if you own a larger company. Or does the same alternative use of self storage units also apply?

Store with us

At Ready Steady Store Storage Nottingham we think that there’s no limit to this idea of alternative uses for self storage spaces. If your business requires more space, then here’s a couple of ideas. One: rent out larger self storage units – we have a range of unit sizes to suit all needs. Two: rent out more than one self storage unit for your business.

If you think about a typical work space, you end up with a series of rooms that serve different functions. So what’s to stop you applying this same idea to three to four self storage units as one collective space for your business?

At Ready Steady Store we offer self storage units that can’t be beaten for price or for accessibility. All of our ground floor storage rooms are drive up units. This is perfect for people and businesses who need to offload and load into vehicles, or easily access their alternative work space.

With price match and other special offers, such as rent one month and get the second month free, we’re confident that we can compete with every self storage provider in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. And our customer service is unbeatable.

Our self storage units are accessible 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, giving you unlimited access to fit around your schedule. We have a variety of storage units available to suit any sized business. So you have the option of hiring several smaller units or larger units. The possibilities are only restricted to the limits of your imagination.

Contact us today for a free quotation or to speak to us about our self storage options.

Self Storage for Everyone