How to run your business from a storage unit

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Did you know that some businesses run solely from storage units while others use it to store their stock or even furniture and equipment? No – well they do. And why wouldn’t they when units come with short-notice periods, low overheads and flexibility?

When you think of storage units, many tend to think of them as being somewhere people store the junk that is cluttering up their home or the things they can’t bear to part with but have nowhere to store following a change in circumstances. However, it is actually the perfect place to start up a business, at a time when money is tight, space is limited and the future is uncertain.

As a result, among the piles of personal belongings, a growing number of units are becoming home to a wide range of small businesses.

So, how do you run your business from a storage unit?

First, come in and see what we have to offer and work out how much space you need. Bear in mind, if the business isn’t performing, rather than being tied into a long and costly contract – you can give one month’s notice and move on or simply reduce the space. Similarly, if the business is doing well – you can expand your space too.

We have specific business storage, from 9 sq ft to 2000 sq ft, whether you are an eBay seller or are looking for a space for stock, equipment, perhaps a place for your office, warehouse or even document storage – we have something to suit your needs.

Once you have established how you are going to use the space and what size you need, you can add on some extra services, which will make your life much easier.

For example, we offer a receipt and dispatch service that means you don’t have to hang around waiting for deliveries that need signing for or packages to be picked up because we will do this for you.

We can also provide racking and shelving to help you with organisation, wall mounted post boxes so you have somewhere secure to have your post delivered and a business address, installation of lighting and power including WIFI access, as well as parking – just to name a few.

You will have 24-hour access – so you aren’t restricted to office hours and can access your unit as and when you need to. And, when you aren’t there, you can be safe in the knowledge that your items are secure thanks to the extensive security we provide.

Ultimately having a storage unit gives you a lot more space than your kitchen table or even your spare room, without the extortionate costs that come with hiring out office space.

Now, you have the space you need – have set up your extra services and moved in all the furniture and equipment that you will require day-to-day, it is time to get to work. With a lot less outgoings, you will be running a successful business that requires an office space for all its employees in no time – but that can always fall back on us for the extras, if needs be.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a location near you today and start making your business dreams a reality.