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Service engineers – keep your equipment safe and secure with Ready Steady Store

Service engineers play a pivotal role in several of Nottingham’s business industries. Their expertise for maintaining, repairing and installing all manner of equipment and products is an essential role. And one that can only be undertaken by those with the correct qualifications and skill sets. It’s a demanding job that applies to a number of different industries. Engineers often oversee and manage several repair technicians at once to get each job done within strict deadlines.

A service engineer’s equipment is their lifeblood. So safe, secure storage is importanr when the day’s work is over. If you’re a service engineer in Nottingham then it’s vital to safeguard your tools and related equipment now, rather than regretting it later on. No matter what type of work you carry out, your equipment will most likely be expensive. And in some cases difficult to replace, often due to the specific design of things like diagnostic tools. And for service engineers who work in more niche fields, you may have specialist equipment, which could make them irreplaceable.

Freelance service engineers might have access to a work’s vehicle but may not require a dedicated space to store tools and equipment. As a result, the temptation is to use the work van to keep tools in. From experience, this is not the best idea. Cars and vans are surprisingly easy to break into for thieves, even modern vehicles with alarm systems. So don’t risk it by leaving your tools and equipment in your van unattended, especially overnight.

If you work for a company, you may not have to worry about storage and insurance. But for a majority of freelancers and small business owners, a dedicated space that’s adequate for tool storage isn’t always financially feasible. Also getting a comprehensive amount of insurance to safeguard against all eventualities might seem too expensive. We’d advise that you don’t cut corners with insurance. So you can relax in the knowledge that you’re covered, should theft or damage occur. Even so, there’s always a delay period between lodging a claim and receiving a payout or replacement. So better to be safe than sorry.

Store with us

Is there an affordable solution for service engineers in Nottingham that could solve all of these potential issues? The solution is Ready Steady Store.

We can provide you with an affordable space to store your tools and equipment, which can also serve as your base of operations. The security of our customers’ possessions is paramount. Storage units are security gated, alarmed, and CCTV monitored. Every unit has its own individual access code and a secure roller shutter door.

You’ll also have the same level of access you’d find by storing at home. With 24/7 access to your storage unit, drive-up access to all units, you’ll be able to load and offload your tools and equipment whenever you need to – perfect for those late finishes and early starts. You’ll be able to work whatever schedule you need to without having to worry about accessing your storage unit. We have an onsite forklift available, and our storage units offer wide shutter doors to assist with large, bulky items.

Thousands of business customers in Nottingham have stored with us and we understand the importance of an engineer’s equipment. We also know that it’s often difficult to find a suitable place to base yourself without adding to your monthly costs. That’s why we offer the most affordable rates on the market – so that more people can keep their work equipment and tools safe and secure.

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Self Storage for Everyone