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Sophie succeeds in the man’s world of railway modelling

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When Sophie Cull graduated from university in 2009 she found the job market very tough and decided to follow her father into the world of railway models. Sophie set up her own business, Anoraks Anonymous Railways, specialising in European HO and N gauge locomotives and coaches for model railway enthusiasts.

Born in Doncaster, and still living and working here, Sophie has gone from strength to strength with her business doubling in the last two years. Sophie sells her products online through sites like E-bay and her own web site, which she has recently developed, and by attending Toy Fairs.

Having a business in specialist railway models has not been easy for a 23 year old girl. Sophie says, “Railway modelling is a man’s world and I definitely was faced with doubts and suspicions from customers, but as soon as I started talking railway language I would win them over.”

Facing the prejudices of being in a man’s world was not the only difficulty Sophie faced. Sophie was working from home and felt her business was restricted by how much stock she could hold. A breakthrough came when she started using Ready Steady Store, for storing her stock of railway models.

Sophie explains, “Working with Ready Steady Store has been great for my business because it has allowed me to hold more stock and expand my business. Access is so easy, with no stairs to struggle up with my stock and I can sort out my stock at leisure. I also have the peace of mind that my stock is safe. The flexibility has been a great benefit too.  I started with a small storage room and have increased room size twice while I have been there, with no problem at all.”

Phil Brookes, the Senior Store Coordinator at our Doncaster store, adds: “It is great to see Sophie come through these difficult economic times and make a success of her business in what is, after all, a man’s world. Ready Steady Store is delighted to be involved with what Sophie has achieved with Anoraks Anonymous Railways.”

Ready Steady Store – Doncaster

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