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Storage for bars, pubs & restaurants in Nottingham.

There’s nothing like a good bar, pub or restaurant to make a day or night out special. And Nottingham has some fantastic places to eat and drink. With a plethora of bars and pubs, there’s something for everyone in Nottingham. For people looking for a curry and some pints before a night out; the family who want to enjoy a Sunday dinner; or those who’re winding down after a busy week at work, you’ll find a number of places to suit your tastes. Also, there’s even a few nightclubs for those who want to let loose at the weekend or on a student night out.

Bars, pubs and restaurants – Ready Steady Store can help reduce your overheads

It’s also a big part of the reason why people choose to visit Nottingham every week. With a variety of events taking place in the city, and a renowned night life. As well as numerous places to eat and drink, Nottingham is the obvious choice for people who want to enjoy a lively city for a weekend.

One issue that owners of establishments like pubs and restaurants face in any major city is ever increasing rental prices. A lot of pubs in recent years have been unable to compete and have become franchise pubs. And those who have managed to survive the rental price hikes and the economic downturn have had to make some tough choices; with services and staff numbers being reduced to cut running costs.

Store with us

If you’re an owner or manager of a bar, pub or restaurant in Nottingham and you’re thinking of ways to declutter your pre-existing storage spaces. Or you are thinking of ways to increase revenue by opening up more space without renting a larger property; the best option to do so without breaking the bank is to use Ready Steady Store.

We offer a range of self storage units at rates that any business can afford. Every storage unit is drive up, making it perfect for vehicle loading and offloading. This is standard for all of our self storage units. We’ve also installed special wide shutter doors that can accommodate bulky, large items.

We offer 24/7 access. Therefore it’s possible for you to drop off items after final call and return before you open again in the morning. Or for nightclub owners, you can access your self storage unit at times that suit your establishments schedule.

Ready Steady Store provides business and personal storage to hundreds of customers every month and we would love to assist Nottingham’s bars, pubs and restaurants with their storage needs by providing the best self storage available at the most affordable rates.

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Self Storage for Everyone