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Storage for hospitality and catering

Nottingham has a thriving tourism sector and with events of all scales and sizes happening every week; it’s safe to say that Nottingham is a hub of activity. So, to help make this possible, it needs strong hospitality and catering companies to make this all succeed. Without things like hotels, restaurants, and catering facilities, no one would be able to visit Nottingham to enjoy themselves or stay overnight.

Like all business sectors, hospitality and catering companies need to have somewhere to work from; which might be an office or depot, or a workspace with kitchen facilities. However, no matter what type of premises or workspace a business uses; there will have to be some sort of storage space available. And more often than not, there’s usually space issues when trying to balance storage and operating spaces, especially for small to medium sized companies.

Hospitality and catering – Need additional storage space that’s affordable?

You might need to create additional space as your hospitality or catering company grows. Your orders or client-lists may increase, and inevitably, it means you need more space for the day to day hustle and bustle. Therefore, you may have to consider moving to a larger premises; which also means an increase in your rental overheads.

Putting additional strain on your budget might not be an suitable option. To make any business successful a careful balance of budgets and cash flow are essential; especially if you’re waiting for clients to settle their bills; or for your suppliers or customers to pay their invoices, which can sometimes see your company out of pocket for several months.

Is there a way to keep current premises without compromising operational spaces? We believe that it’s possible to use your current workspace for your operational duties and to start using Ready Steady Store as your storage provider.

At Ready Steady Store we offer drive up self storage units as standard, making it easy for you to drop off and make collections with ease, and you can access your self storage unit 24/7, making it possible to use your unit during unsociable hours if you need to.

We have a variety of storage units available to suit any sized business. This gives you the option of hiring several smaller units or larger units. And you also have the option of upgrading should your company continue to grow.

Self Storage for Everyone