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Storage for Nottingham publishing companies

Nottingham is home to a plethora of publishing companies, magazine publishing and distribution companies. As a result the city is a viable place for any related business to operate in. Its proximity to other major cities and good transport links, make Nottingham an ideal place to run a publishing company. The city is in an ideal position to create an enviable nexus of business logistics routes that many cities can’t compete with. And for a sector, such as publishing, which relies on strong transport links, Nottingham is a perfect fit.

Although e-books have changed the way many publishing companies function, the written word is still a popular medium of communication. Like any sector operating nowadays, publishing and media companies have had to downsize to function as efficiently as possible.

Publishing companies – Store your books and stock

With this in mind, you may expect publishing companies to need less and less physical storage spaces. But this isn’t always the case. Books still get published in the hundreds of thousands of units which means more storage for materials and printing equipment. As well as an adequate amount of storage for the finished products. There’s also a need to store marketing materials and distribution leaflets. And when storing paper-based materials, the storage should be completely free from anything that can cause damage, which includes the temperature of the storage space.

With the recent decline in sales in the publishing industry, it’s essential for companies to be savvy with new practices to save money. That might mean a small but highly-skilled team of staff who can do a variety of tasks. Or to limit certain monthly overheads and decrease things like sundry expenses. For companies with a decent online presence, it might mean allocating more budget for e-books and related tech-based textual software publications.

Storage with Ready Steady Store

So how can a publishing house or related company decrease monthly overheads and operate in a positive and profitable way? The answer is Ready Steady Store.

We have a number of clients from the publishing sector who require storage for their stock and equipment. We offer the lowest rates for storage in Nottingham making it possible for any business to store with us.

Our unique drive-up self storage units are accessible 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. So it’s for your logistics partner or courier to load and offload stock. You can manage your own working hours without having to worry about access your storage unit after-hours. This is especially handy for companies that need to deliver stock late at night or very early in the morning.

We have storage units in different sizes and we are on hand to help you choose the correct unit for your needs. Our dedicated staff are available to assist you and they have time-served knowledge of the storage industry.

The publishing industry may be going through a challenging period but we believe it’s a vital part of Nottingham. Andwe expect to see it continue to be a successful industry for many years to come. The best way to ensure your publishing company can operate within a strict budget is to outsource your storage and partner with us.

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Self Storage for Everyone