Study space: Alternative ways of using self storage units

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Rooms and spaces are what we make of them, and can often be used for alternative functions. Take a study for instance – for the few of us fortunate to be able to allocate an entire room at home for a study, you’ll already understand the benefit of taking a room that might otherwise be used as a bedroom and converting it into a dedicated space for you to work in. Or to use as a general quiet space, to undertake study or reading, away from the bustle of family life.

The catch is, this is an option for the fortunate few, and can only be done by people with fairly large houses. And a dedicated lock to keep the kids from breaking in.

There’s also something for home-based workers to consider – separating home and work life is essential. Some people are great at being able to compartmentalize their homes to accommodate both. But for others, it’s a struggle to keep a balance, and it often means that one will suffer as a consequence.

The option that would satisfy the need for a study or a separate space for work-related duties seems obvious – rent an office or space in a shared office. The issue here is financial: it’s expensive to do this, even if you’re sharing office space.

Commercial rental spaces in major cities like Nottingham are never cheap options. And the more popular the city, the higher the commercial rental price is; and the closer to the city centre, the price increases again. Either way, we’re talking about an additional overhead, which might be okay for business, but it defeats the point of a study-space.

So is there an affordable option for people who can’t allocate an entire room for a study or don’t have the space to do so, and don’t want to take on an additional overhead?

Use a storage unit for your workspace

At Ready Steady Store we believe that we have a savvy option for people who think outside of the box. And that is to use a self storage unit as an alternative work or study space. It sounds a bit far-fetched so you’ll have to use your imagination.

What constitutes a study or workspace is completely dependent on what you need from the space. If you need a quiet space where you can work or study, and you’re not looking for anywhere fancy, then renting a self storage unit could provide you with an affordable space.

The rest is fairly simple. You hire one of our self storage units, put a desk and a chair or two inside, get a filing cabinet, a PC or laptop; and with an internet dongle or similar, and you have yourself a bare-essentials study. Our self storage rooms have electricity access. All you need to decide is what equipment you’ll need and what size room you require.

Hundreds of people in Nottingham use Ready Steady Store as their self storage provider because we guarantee a high level of customer service at an affordable rate. With the added bonus of being able to drive up to our storage units. We’re open 24/7 so you can use your alternative study / office space to suit you and your schedule.

A space is what we make of it. And there’s no reason why someone can’t have a private study or workspace without breaking the bank. It just requires a bit of free-thinking and the right self storage provider.

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