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Celebrating Our Women Workforce at Ready Steady Store

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  1. Women at Ready Steady Store
  2. How we support each other
  3. Here’s a little bit of motivation from a few of our female team members on fighting the good fight:
  4. Our commitment

Celebrating International Women’s Day, we want to toast our outstanding and empowered female workforce at Ready Steady Store (RSS), where women make up more than 50% of the RSS team.

Our women workforce pushes boundaries daily and brings a unique perspective into creating something extraordinary at our company day after day, making this year’s theme, #EmbraceEquity, absolutely fitting.

Let us take this opportunity to come together to support all that our incredible ladies achieve in creating an even more equal future by empowering each other one step at a time.

Women at Ready Steady Store

As a critical player in the highly competitive on-demand industry, Ready Steady Store is proud to have 11 out of 23 stores run by women.

Our female influence reaches far beyond our store locations– our HR department, creative teams, and operational staff are also dominated by influential and inspiring ladies. From sales associates and store managers to team leads and department managers, we strive to create an environment where we recognise and encourage our women’s unique perspectives – and actively empower them by providing flexible working practices.

Whether caring for children or the elderly, life can throw some tricky curveballs. Still, we like to ensure you don’t have to choose between career success and a balanced lifestyle. We’re dedicated to supporting every woman in their personal journey while still getting ahead professionally.

We work towards being a successful business but are also passionate about cultivating a culture of gender equality and ensuring that female voices are heard. In an ever-changing world, we understand that achieving meaningful gender equality in the workplace goes beyond hiring women. Bringing positive change starts with actively empowering our female staff. We create an environment where everyone’s voice matters, and all ideas are welcomed. 

At Ready Steady Store, we work towards creating a more diverse and motivated team of talented individuals. We encourage mentorship programs, team-building activities, inter-department brainstorming sessions, leadership opportunities, and training courses that help develop the skills necessary for success.

That said, we understand the importance of having a dedicated female support system within our organization- where women can share tips, advice, experiences, and resources without fear or judgment.

It helps us create a safe space where everyone can feel valued and respected regardless of gender or background.

How we support each other

If you’re looking for ways to play your part, below are a few ideas that will set you on the right track.

1. Support Other Women: Supporting other women can be by cheering on a friend who just earned her promotion, offering meaningful advice to someone starting out, or encouraging each other to help us create an atmosphere of success for one another. We can also show our support by attending conferences, seminars, and workshops hosted by female professionals in the industry and by actively supporting female-led businesses.

2. Follow Your Dreams: This is quite an obvious but often overlooked one. We, as women, tend to put others’ needs and happiness before our own. It’s time we choose ourselves- our dreams, our growth. 

Believe in yourself, and don’t fear taking risks or making mistakes. If you want something, go after it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you are a woman—you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. When you follow your dreams, don’t forget to bring others along with you; there’s always room for collaboration when striving for success!  

3. Be an Advocate for Positive Change: We must continue to fight for gender equality, including calling out unfair policies or practices favouring men over women and advocating for better representation and leadership roles across all industries. Speak up when women are not given the same opportunities as their male counterparts, and make sure that everyone has access to equal pay—no matter what gender they identify as! 

Here’s a little bit of motivation from a few of our female team members on fighting the good fight:

“I’m inspired by the determination and resilience of women who use their wit, strength, and knowledge to succeed in a male-dominated world. It takes courage and creativity – but together, we can rise and succeed!”

King Yan – Head of Digital Marketing

“As women, we are firm in our own right. We can disrupt the perceptions of what is ‘normal,’ so we must advocate change in our society- empowering one another in the journey to equality.”

Laura Trench – HR Advisor

“As women, it’s our responsibility to create change. We must use our unique perspectives and experiences to reshape conversations to ensure our ideas get the attention they deserve.”

Ella Ball – Store Manager, Wokingham

“As women, we need to build a tomorrow of hope- a powerhouse of strength and beauty, so that our daughters and granddaughters can confidently take on the world.”

Nicole Briffa – Head of Sales & Customer Service

Our commitment

Our commitment to empowering our female staff doesn’t stop at only International Women’s Day – this is something we strive toward every day at Ready Steady Store!

To all the women who work with us- we appreciate you. We thank you for continuing to inspire everyone around you. When women succeed, so does society – so let’s give every woman the access and the support she needs to reach her full potential professionally and personally! There’s no challenge left unconquered.

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