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Creative Storage Ideas: Hanging Storage

Let’s face it: it’s almost too easy for clutter to build up in your home, but not nearly as easy to get rid of it. Floors seem to fall victim to bits and bobs piling up on them, as soon as our cupboards are full while our shoes are left scattered in a pile with nowhere else to go.

Sound familiar?  Don’t worry if the answer is yes, there are plenty of things you can do to cut out the clutter without having to purge your personal items. Here are a few of our favourite creative hanging storage ideas that look great and keep your home clean.

Method one: How to make hanging storage pockets

Keep shoes and accessories out of the way with some hanging storage pockets. Perfect for tucking away in a wardrobe or hanging up on the back of a door, these handy pockets make a great addition to the home. Whether you have a collection of sunglasses and trainers to store away or simply want a home for small household items, hanging storage pockets are a great way of organising your home.

If you want to learn how to make hanging storage pockets, you can find a great tutorial here. Making one yourself is a great way of personalising your home, allowing you to pick materials that match with your favourite style of decor. Why not try making extra small versions for keys or jewellery? You’ll know exactly where they’re stored so you’ll never have to worry about losing them again.

Method two: Bars are best

Metallic bars are both creative and modern, adding a hint of up-market style to any home. By installing a bar unit to your home, you can use removable hooks to hang up kitchen utensils and other bits that may otherwise get lost.

Brass and copper are popular due to their contemporary rose tones, but you can go for any piping you prefer. You could always paint it to match your colour scheme too, although contrasting elements make the piping more eye-catching. They don’t just look good in the kitchen either, why not try placing one in the bedroom and hanging scarves and bags on it? You could even add a couple of shelves to the unit and use it in the bathroom, as shown in this tutorial.

Method three: Get creative with shelves

While it may not seem like the most creative of the bunch, shelving units can bring both storage and style to the home. Adding a storage box or two on top of each shelf means that clutter is out of the way while injecting more personality into your home.

There’s plenty of ways to jazz up your shelving, such as adding rope to the ends of the unit and connecting it to the wall for that on-trend rustic look. You don’t have to go with typical white shelves either; stacking small crates onto the wall using picture strips is a great way of reusing crates and achieving a unique storage solution. Make sure you stack them so the backs of the crates face the wall, allowing you to stack items on one of the sides.

Whether you’re on the move or simply looking to sort out your stuff, a storage unit can help you organise your personal items efficiently. Take a look at Ready Steady Store’s storage solutions and declutter with ease.


Self Storage for Everyone