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7 crafty shed organisation ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, chances are you probably have a shed, too.  In fact, research shows that there are currently over 12 million sheds in Britain alone. But, it’s no secret that our sheds tend to house everything from gardening to home improvement tools, spare parts to out of season furniture. 

Typically tucked away at the end of the garden, it’s easy for your shed to become a dumping ground for everything and anything, which can make it hard to organise. Tired of stumbling around trying to find what you’re looking for? Read on for our seven crafty shed organisation ideas. 

Where to begin

Before you start organising your shed, there are a few things you need to do first in order to maximise your space:

  • Clear it out: the first step is getting everything out of your shed, so you can evaluate how much space you have to work with. At this point, it’s also a good idea to do a spot of cleaning to get rid of any cobwebs, dirt or dust.
  • Declutter: ​​the next step is to declutter your space, and get rid of anything you know you don’t use anymore. A great way to do this is to separate items into three piles, keep, discard and donate – anything that’s broken should be chucked, but people are always on the lookout for free garden tools so if there’s anything in great working order you just don’t need, why not consider donating it or giving it away to friends or family? Don’t forget, you can always use self storage if you’re running out of space but don’t want to part with any items. Use our handy size estimator to figure out how much space you need or find your local Ready Steady Store facility now.
  • Group items together: to get a clearer idea of how to organise your space, group items together based on product type or purpose. You should also organise items based on what you use most frequently, so you can ensure they’re easy to get to when you start putting everything back inside. 

Our top seven crafty shed organisation ideas:

1. Shelving is key

If you want to keep your shed tidy, the first step is always shelving. Look for heavy-duty shelves to avoid them breaking under the weight of your items along with materials that are simple to keep clean, such as metal or strong plastic. Similarly, try to opt for those with grated bottoms to prevent dirt from accumulating. Adjustable shelving is an even better option, as it allows you to tailor your storage space to fit different sized items – ideal if you tend to use your shed for seasonal items and like to change things up frequently. 

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a good idea to organise your shelves based on those items you use the most, so that they’re easily accessible, while those lesser-used items can live at the back or further out of your reach. 

Our top tip? Use clear labels or markers to identify groups of items, making it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for right when you need it.

2. Make use of your vertical space

vertical shed storage for gardening tools

Making use of all the available wall space in your shed can go a long way towards helping you to avoid that dreaded floor clutter. Large hooks are a great and inexpensive way to organise large tools, such as spades and rakes, along with bulky items like buckets, bungee cords and hoses. 

If you have enough room, try installing these as high up as possible and then utilising the space underneath for things like wellies and lawnmowers. Similarly, installing a specific broom holder next to the door of your shed is a really simple way to keep handy tools in reach.

3. Upcycle your unused furniture

Upcycled furniture isn’t just for interior design lovers. Instead, repurposing your old, outdated or unused pieces is a great cost-effective way of organising your shed. Old kitchen units are perfect for storing items that need a bit of extra protection, while filing cabinets can help to keep your odds and ends organised and desks are great for adding additional surfaces to your space.

The best bit? It’s environmentally friendly, and you don’t even have to fork out for costly new storage solutions, meaning you can instead use the money you save to spruce up your outdoor space.

4. Use mason jars to store nails

From nails to bolts, washers to screws, sifting through your shed to find the perfect size is the stuff of nightmares, especially if you have a lot of stuff. Mason jars offer the perfect solution for easy access and organisation and help to protect your items from moisture or dirt. If you’re looking to save even more space, you can even attach magnets to the top of the jar lids and hang them under your shelves or the ceiling.

Top tip: In a pinch? Old aluminium cans work perfectly for this, too – just be mindful of any sharp edges!

5. Magnets can help you to save so much space

Let’s be honest, anyone who’s tried to store tools before will know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect storage solution and avoid any injuries. Not just for kitchen knives, magnetic strips provide the ideal place to store saws, pliers and screwdrivers, meaning you’ll never have to rifle through a drawer again to find what you’re looking for. 

DIY tools hanging from pegboard storage

6. Utilise pegboards for the ultimate shed organisation

If you’re looking for flexible storage that frees up floor space, a pegboard is a hugely underutilised storage solution and can make even the smallest of spaces feel roomier. Installing hooks is ideal for hanging items such as tools or garden equipment while making use of bins and trays is a great way to store those awkward items that don’t hang easily, such as gardening gloves or spare parts. You can even add on some shelves to make the most of your space.

Top tip? To simplify your organising efforts, try painting specific areas in different colours and shapes to designate spots for certain tools or items. That way, when you’re putting everything back, it’s much simpler to know exactly where it goes, without having to rearrange everything to find space. 

7. Don’t forget about the ceiling

The best way to maximise your space is to use every inch you have, and that includes the ceiling. There are plenty of options, too – from bungee ropes to racks, hooks to DIY solutions, you can store virtually anything up high, just make sure you can access it easily. You can even use metal rods and hooks to keep tools out of harm’s way or to hang paintbrushes to allow them to dry – the possibilities are endless.

paintbrushes hanging from ceiling storage in shed

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