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Better uses for the garage – clear the space with Ready Steady Store

If you own a garage you know you can use it for a great many things. However, usually it ends up a cluttered additional space where you keep random tools, old unused electricals, kids toys etc. You feel like you’re taking a risk venturing in there and may need to call for help just in case. Sound familiar?

It’s easy to understand why you would use your garage as an additional rooms for storage. If you maintain it and have a decent set of plastic storage containers, there’s no issue with storing some items there. Especially, as it’s difficult to keep everything indoors, when you have a limited amount of rooms and space to utilise.

The only issue with storing items in the garage is the potential issue of damage occurring. While most garages are sturdy and can keep out a majority of the elements, they weren’t built with this purpose in mind. It’s unlikely that your garage has the same amount of insulation as your house and it may be susceptible to leaks. So if you use your garage for storage, be mindful of potential damage and store electricals and paper goods in containers.

But you should also consider the potential things you could use your garage for other than storage space.

The obvious one is to put your car or cars in. This is a garage’s original purpose and protecting your car from the elements will help with maintenance. However, there’s a multitude of other uses for a garage. You could use it as a utility room for washing and drying, and if you’re efficient enough, the ironing as well.

So that’s a practical example of an alternative use for a garage. Are there any others that are possibly more fun? Home brewers – what better place for your tubs of fermenting brews than your garage? Or if you use a sewing machine and need somewhere to work and also store the clothes you’re working on. Maybe you actually want to create another room and you don’t have a loft? With some basic modifications and additional electrical work, you can change your garage into a completely new room. For example, a bedroom, a study, or a games room for the kids (or the big kid called dad).

Affordable self storage options

These are only ideas and possibilities. But the reality is that your garage is still a cluttered mess. So, put down the sewing machine and homebrew kit, and visit Ready Steady Store to discuss our affordable self storage options.

We offer self storage units that can’t be beaten for price or for accessibility. All of our ground floor storage rooms are drive-up units and have large opening shutters for bulky furniture. This is perfect for people who want to use a self storage unit like their own garage.

With our price match deal and other special offers, we’re confident that are competitive with other self storage providers. Furthermore our customer service is unbeatable. We go the extra mile to ensure that our customers receive the level of service they deserve. Which is why our customers return to use our self storage facilities.

When you rent a 50 sq ft storage unit you could free up the equivalent space of your entire garage! If you look at our size estimator you can do a quick calculation of just how much room you can make. Just imagine being able to store the equivalent of a 4-bedroom house into a storage room.

It’s time to rethink how you use your garage. Let us take care of your storage requirements and get started on your plans for your new room.

Contact us today for a free quotation or to speak to us about our self storage options.

Self Storage for Everyone