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Can’t Afford to Move? Decluttering Could Save You £47,000

We’d all like more space, but adding additional room to your home isn’t a cheap option. So, it’s no secret that the majority of us would jump at the chance of increasing the size of our living space while saving thousands of pounds, all without having to move house. But, how exactly do you do that? We’ve got the answers. 

Stop searching Rightmove: it’s all about self storage

After a year of sitting indoors and rearranging our things to allow us to work from home, we’ve all no doubt realised we need more space. Add that to the clutter of those existing items we use just a few times a year – such as Christmas trees or summer clothing – plus the fact that many of us won’t be returning to the office for the foreseeable future, it’s fair to say that space is now at a premium.

So, we’ve been doing our own research here at Ready Steady Store to find out the cheapest way to increase the square footage of your home. The secret? Self storage. 

We’ve calculated the average square footage that these underused items add up to and compared this data to find out just how much this equivalent space would cost across various regions across England. 

How much could you save?

Instead of moving, why not put your lifestyle items into storage, instead? We’ve broken it down into regions so you can figure out just how much you could save by putting the average amount of lifestyle items (around 7.56m2 or 81.38 sq ft) into storage instead of purchasing a new home to accommodate the same amount of space:

Table to show how much you could save per region by decluttering


East Midlands: £17,321
East of England: £25,939
Greater London: £47,017
North East: £12,021
North West: £15,468
South East: £30,370
South West: £22,620
Wales: £14,652
West Midlands: £18,334
Yorkshire and The Humber: £15,007

National average savings: £22,333

“Recently, we’ve seen a rise in lifestyle storage users, or “lifestylers”: people who don’t necessarily want to throw things away or who might only use items once a year, such as seasonal items or even hobbies. Putting these items into storage would cost around £37.50 a week, in contrast to having to pay a five-figure sum to expand around 80 sq ft just to store them. Saving space by putting items safely into storage elsewhere could mean being able to move to your dream location or even save you tens of thousands of pounds.” – Mehran Chania, CEO of Ready Steady Store

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Self Storage for Everyone