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How to design the ideal home office

Whether you spend a few precious hours in your home office or the full working week, it’s important to make sure the space is set up for you to work efficiently, as soon as you walk through the door. To help you boost your business success, we’ve put together these tips to inspire the design of your ideal home office.


This is probably the most important piece of the puzzle, so we’ve put it at the top of the pile. If you need a quiet space for optimal concentration, it’s probably a good idea not to locate your office next to your children’s playroom. If you’re meeting clients in your office, (if you are, make sure you have an appropriate seating area) will they be walking through your house to get there or is it easily accessed? You get the idea – figure out what you need from your office and you’ll work out the appropriate location in no time. If you have limited options then it’s all the more important to make the design of the interior of your office the best it can be.

Keep things tidy

Mess is the enemy of productivity! An office is a prime space for accumulating clutter if you don’t keep on top of it – so make sure you have everything you need to minimise the risk of mess. Before you get started, tidy up all the wires from your technology with an under desk cable basket or group them all together with a cable tidy. Get prepared to be organised with filing systems and items such as a recycling bin and shredder if you need them. Whatever works for you, brainstorm ideas that will keep you in shape.

What do you need in your office?

Desk and chair? These need to be comfortable so take your time when selecting these. Do you need a landline phone? If you do, note which hand you like to answer the phone with and place it on the desk appropriately. What kind of storage will you need for documents? Shelves, filing cabinets or cupboards? If you need to access items on the shelves often then design the office so you can grab them with ease.

Don’t make it too casual

Make sure you’re not doing more chilling than working in your office – you’ll get in a frustrating cycle of unproductive work time. You need to make it a space for productivity! So unless you need it for work purposes, don’t have a television in there – no matter how hard you try you will get distracted. Think of things that you feel would be a distraction to you and make sure you don’t include them.

But do make it personal

Having said that, definitely personalise the office and match it to your style. Think about what inspires you – do you have a favourite piece of art you love or a particular colour that puts you in a good mood? Include personal touches to feel at home in your office. Create yourself a nice area with plenty of space to move around in. If you’re getting up from your desk and bashing your elbow on a shelving unit, you need to rethink the design of your room.

Natural light

If at all possible, make sure you can get a nice flood of natural light into your office space. The blue light from your computer will mean you’ll need regular screen breaks and a nice window to look out of can make all the difference. Ever wondered why office workers wrestle to get the window seat? Natural light has been linked with greater workplace performance so design your office around a window and you’re on the path to productivity!

Now you’ve gone to the time and effort to design the perfect office to keep you productive, make the best use of your space by investing in a storage unit to hold your stock. You’ve created this space for a reason, you can now get a great system in place with a super convenient and accessible storage unit.

Self Storage for Everyone