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Downsizing Your Home: The Ultimate Checklist

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  1. What is downsizing?
  2. Pros and cons of downsizing your home
  3. The benefits
  4. The downsides to downsizing
  5. 7 steps for downsizing your house
  6. Step #1 – Make sure it’s what you really want
  7. Step #2 – Start viewing other smaller properties
  8. Step #3 – Prepare your home for selling
  9. Step #4 – Declutter room by room
  10. Step #5 – Measure your furniture
  11. Step #6 – Plan for what doesn’t fit
  12. Step #7 – Rent a self storage unit
  13. Self storage for downsizing your home

Are you considering downsizing your house? You’re in the right place. This guide covers the best tips and tricks. Although the jump may seem scary at first, it doesn’t have to be hard; in fact, many people say downsizing has made them happier. Not only can it make you money, especially if you have some equity built up, but you also won’t have the burden or demands of a much larger home. So, is downsizing for you? Read on to find out; here’s everything you need to know about simplifying your life.

  1. What is downsizing?
  2. Pros and cons of downsizing your home
  3. 7 steps for downsizing your house
    1. Make sure it’s what you really want
    2. Start viewing smaller properties
    3. Prepare your home for selling
    4. Declutter room by room
    5. Measure your furniture 
    6. Plan for what doesn’t fit
    7. Rent a storage unit to maximise space
  4. Self storage for downsizing your home


What is downsizing?

Simply put, downsizing your home is the process of moving to a smaller property. Whether you‘re struggling with the cost of upkeep or an empty nest, it can signal an exciting new phase of your life. Whilst many people strive to increase the size of their house, properties like a cottage can offer many different options instead. Before you take the plunge, however, you’ll need to do your research. Let’s find out if downsizing to a smaller home is right for you.


Pros and cons of downsizing your home

The benefits

  • It’s a chance to move to a much better location – perhaps you’d prefer to be nearer family and friends?
  • It also means you could potentially be a cash buyer and live mortgage free.
  • Smaller homes are usually much cheaper to run.
  • Maintenance will also be likely less, especially if the house is quite new, which means more time to do the things you love.
  • Downsizing later in life? It means you can pick a property that will work for you.

The downsides to downsizing

  • Not enough room – if you have gotten used to a home of a certain size, downsizing may not seem so appealing to you. Perhaps you’re worried about whether your belongings will fit or accommodating family; it’s natural to feel hesitant at first.
  • A lack of availability – surprisingly, this is a real thing. Bungalows are usually built on large plots and are in high demand, so act fast, or you may lose out.
  • Leaving friends and neighbours behind – this is especially sad if you are close.


7 steps for downsizing your house

Step #1 – Make sure it’s what you really want

So, how to downsize your home? Let’s start with step one – making sure it’s what you really want. Because once you’ve made the big move, there’s no going back. For some people, the benefits don’t always outweigh the drawbacks.

Step #2 – Start viewing other smaller properties

If you’re excited to move, then that’s a great start; you’ll just need to consider where you want to live. Do you want to remain in the same place or move to a picturesque town? According to Experian, more homeowners are swapping the city for blissful country living.


Step #3 – Prepare your home for selling

Once you think you’ve found the right match, it’s time to sell yours by impressing any potential buyers. According to a previous study, a well-kept garden can help to boost the value of your property by £2,000. Additionally, it’s worth surveying your home and making any repairs, like that skirting that needs fixing back on. Now is also the time to declutter your house to make the most of your space (don’t forget the property you’ll be moving into will be much smaller).

Step #4 – Declutter room by room

Tackling your home as a whole can feel daunting, but not if you take it one room at a time. Another tricky part is deciding what goes and what can stay – check out this decluttering hack to make it more manageable. By breaking down the decluttering stage, you’ll be done in no time, and you’ll save yourself from having to pay to transport it all. Whilst packing up, make sure to label any boxes clearly so that you know where they’re for – check out these other tips to help you prepare for your move.


Step #5 – Measure your furniture

One of the most frustrating aspects of moving is putting time and effort into moving furniture only to discover that it does not fit in the new space. To avoid this problem, measure all of the furniture you intend to bring with you, including things like the sofa, dining table and chairs. Next, take measurements of the rooms in your new space. Once you have all of the necessary measures, you can determine what can be brought with you, what can go into storage and what should be given away.

Step #6 – Plan for what doesn’t fit

Once you’ve decided what furniture to take with you, it’s time to get rid of the rest. Some charities, like the British Heart Foundation, offer furniture pickup free of charge. You just need to decide where to donate, pick a convenient time, and they’ll collect any furniture that you don’t want. If you’re lucky, they’ll even take household items and toys off your hands too, so you won’t need to worry about getting rid of that clutter. For any items you can’t bear to part with, there’s always self storage. You never know when it’s going to come in.


Step #7 – Rent a self storage unit

While downsizing may mean living a more simplified life, it actually comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, what should you get rid of or keep? You’ll need to decide, but it can be hard if you don’t feel ready. The great news is that self storage can buy you more time and give you the chance to sort through your belongings at your leisure. If something brings you joy, then it’s definitely worth keeping; here are some other ways self storage can make downsizing easy:

  • It can help you prioritise – and look at things with fresh eyes.
  • Self storage can be a home for any seasonal items – think the Christmas tree and garden equipment.
  • It could help your children or grandchildren in the future – things like extra beds will help when they move.

Self storage for downsizing your home

Thank you for reading our post; we hope it has helped if you’re considering downsizing your home. Whatever your reason for moving, we would love to help out with self storage to make the process less fraught. Let’s face it, downsizing is stressful enough without having to part with items you love, and a storage unit will allow you to take it one step at a time. With units across the country from Manchester and Leeds to Nottingham and the South, at Ready Steady Store, we have the solution to meet any need.

Begin your hassle-free downsize today; call our team on 0800 321 3211.

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