Five things you need to spring clean in 2019

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The warm weather is quickly rolling around, which means it’s time to rid your house of dust and cobwebs to make way for the sun. A spring clean is refreshing and a great reminder of just how much stuff you’re accumulating, giving you the perfect opportunity to declutter. With multiple rooms to blast through, it’s easy to forget about some of the smaller things, but this can leave your home looking a little lacklustre. Get the most out of your spring clean by incorporating these five things that are often forgotten.

The fridge and freezer
How often does a fridge and freezer get a proper, thorough clean? Not very, unless you count throwing out old food or giving the drawers a rinse every now and again. Although pretty much everyone is guilty of it, it’s actually pretty dangerous and can cause sickness. Take this opportunity to give your fridge and freezer a deep clean, making sure to remove all the shelves to wash them separately. Once it’s sparkling, keep on top of this, giving them a wipe regularly and a deep clean every few months.

Under the bed
The saying goes ‘out of sight, out of mind’, but you’ll end up losing track of everything that’s under there. Worse still, leaving items to fester under the bed can cause a build-up of dust and nasty germs. Rather than hiding stuff away, take the opportunity to sort out the clutter and if there’s anything you find that you don’t need right now but aren’t quite ready to part with, consider hiring out a storage unit.

That way you can still hold onto your belongings and have access to them whenever you please, but still have a perfectly immaculate home. When undergoing your spring clean, don’t forget to hoover and clean out any storage boxes you keep under there too.

As much as we’d all like to avoid this job, it has to be done. While you may use bin bags to protect the bin from mouldy food and the like, leaks often happen regardless. This can leave your home smelling bad, but no amount of room spray will be able to mask the unmistakable scent. Worst of all, it encourages pests like flies to linger and germs to spread. Start by completely emptying your bin before soaking it with hot water and washing up liquid. Once the water has cooled and the bin has been left for a couple of hours, empty it out. You can then give it a good scrub with a scented multipurpose spray to leave it looking sparkling clean.

Most people will remember to clean out the main cupboards meant for clothes or food, but there are plenty that are easily missed. The cupboard under the sink is typically used to store cleaning products but is often the most unorganised cubby of all. Make a list of all the cupboards and closets in your house before starting your spring clean so you don’t forget any, including the bathroom cabinet. That way you don’t have to worry about forgetting any of the seemingly little things.

Extractor fan
Most often found in the bathroom or kitchen, extractor fans can build up lots of dirt and dust without you even noticing. Grease can stain them after you’ve cooked a meal and this only gets worse over time, causing a hard to shift residue that can result in an oily smell. Be gentle when you clean them by using a sponge soaked in a solution of water and washing up liquid to clean between the gaps.

Now that you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny in the house, it’s time to turn your attention to storage. Keeping items in one of Ready Steady Store’s safe and secure storage units ensures a clutter-free home without having to let go of your favourite belongings.