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Give your home or office an eco-friendly makeover

Looking after our planet is incredibly important and thankfully there are many ways to take on a more sustainable lifestyle. Practically anything we purchase and use will affect the environment, including furniture or pieces of decor. If your home or office needs a new look, make sure you choose eco-friendly options.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to completely change your lifestyle, but rather look more into the many sustainable options on the market. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for our tips on giving your home or office a stylish but eco-friendly makeover.

Eco-friendly paint

Many people don’t realise that paint may not be eco-friendly, but standard products usually contain dangerous chemicals. Many of them produce VOCs – or volatile organic compounds – which can harm both the environment and your health. Luckily, there are a number of eco-friendly paints on the market, all of which have the same effect as standard products but without the nasty VOCs. You can add some vibrancy to your home without affecting the environment, which is a win-win situation in our book.

Out with the old

Decluttering should always be your first port of call when giving your home a makeover, but that doesn’t mean throwing everything out to landfill. There’s not much sense in throwing out items you may need to repurchase in the future, as this is far from eco-friendly. Instead, put all of your currently unneeded items into a secure storage unit and save them for a later date. This way you don’t have to repurchase anything or throw it into landfill, which is a significant waste.

By putting items into a storage unit, you can have a bright and airy home without contributing to landfill. With Ready Steady Store, you have 24-hour access to your unit, on-site parking and extensive security – what more could you ask for?

Natural decor

Not only do they add a pop of colour to a room, but plants are also known to improve air quality, thus fighting against pollution. If you don’t have time to look after a plant, choose a succulent; low maintenance and on-trend, they’re a top choice for a house plant. Pop plants in the corner of the room, on countertops and coffee tables for an all-natural yet stylish piece of decor.

Hanging baskets have become a particularly trendy feature in homes, allowing those with small spaces to bring greenery into their home. Better yet, these baskets are available in a manner of sustainable materials such as bamboo and hemp. Hang them from bookshelves, ceilings and walls for an ethical, vibrant decoration that is sure to turn heads.

Vintage or second-hand furniture

If you’re in need of new furniture or decor, don’t fall into the trap of buying brand new furniture. Not only is it expensive, but there are plenty of other eco-friendly options out there. Recycling and reusing is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce, so buying vintage or second-hand furniture is a great option.

By searching social media sites, charity shops, antique fairs and vintage markets, you’ll be able to find some unique pieces, typically at a reduced rate. By reusing these items, you’re ensuring they don’t go to waste, all while sourcing some stylish additions to the home. Found something you need, but aren’t sure it’ll suit your home? Give it a lick of paint and start decorating for a unique, personalised piece that suits you down to the ground.

Sustainable materials

Certain materials, such as plastic, have a detrimental effect on the environment. Avoid anything that can’t be recycled and look for more sustainable materials. This could include using renewable sources, including cork, bamboo, hemp or natural stone.

There are more options on the market than ever before, with many companies now specialising in such materials. Whether you’re in need of a new rug or planning on remodelling the kitchen, consider using one of the aforementioned fast-growing materials to lessen the effect your home makeover has on the planet.

Get started with your eco-friendly makeover with the help of a Ready Steady Store storage unit. Safe, secure and clean, you’ll have 24-hour access to your belongings whenever you need them.

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