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Finding the ideal space for your hobby

Nottingham is one of the up and coming cities in England, and it’s an exciting place to live. Lots of things to do and places to visit, events on every night of the week. There’s something for everyone in Nottingham; you just need to work out what your passion is and do some research.

Life isn’t all about work and studying. In fact, having an interest or a hobby outside of your routine is essential for quality of life. The only downside is that it’s not always easy to find a suitable place to do what you love if you need a dedicated space for it.

Making space at home

Your home is the first place most people use for their hobby. It makes financial sense, and you have a fair amount of freedom to move things around. If you own your apartment or house, you have the additional freedom to make alterations to your property if needed.

The obvious choice when working out which rooms to use would be a spare room or your garage, which means you’ll need to create enough space to accommodate your hobby. If you’re an artist, you’ll need to replicate a very basic studio. That means plenty of space to store blank canvases and finished work. You’ll also need to check for damp issues to safeguard your artwork. It might mean some necessary modifications and repairs, but it will also be worth it if you create your very own home studio.

Of course, the items you’ve moved out of your space need to go somewhere and that’s where storage comes in. You may have things you don’t want to sell or give away, which makes storage the perfect option when creating your own dedicated hobby space at home.

Alternative uses for storage units

There is also the option of renting a storage unit and using it in a slightly different way. A lot of people have started to think of alternative uses for a storage unit. After all, a storage unit is an open space with the additional advantages of security that most homes can’t provide.

If you rent a storage unit from a reputable company, you should have excellent access and top of the range security measures. There will be WiFi and other admin services on offer, as well as electricity points. There’s also the bonus of having a separate area from home, which to some people is preferable.

Ready Steady Store – Nottingham’s favourite storage company

We offer 24/7 access to fit around your schedule. Each storage unit is drive-up which makes loading and offloading your possessions easy. And our roller doors are designed to grant access to large, bulky items.

We have self storage units to suit everyone’s needs. So, you can store an apartment’s worth of items in one of our smaller units. That means plenty of space for your home studio or office.

The security of our customers’ possessions is paramount – every storage room is security gated, alarmed, and has CCTV monitoring. Every unit has pin access code and a secure roller shutter door.

At Ready Steady Store Storage, we’re firm believers in doing something outside of work of study that adds value to your life. Everyone needs their own space to have a hobby and we believe that storage can play a vital part in creating this.

Contact us today for a free quotation or to speak to us about our self storage options.

Self Storage for Everyone