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How to preserve your memories

As much as we would like our memories to remain clear in our heads, over time some will begin to fade and a few will eventually disappear altogether. This is why we take photos and keep souvenirs, so that they can jog our memory and enable us to recall special moments.

These items are priceless and so it is important to preserve these and keep them safe.

Move video to DVD

As you were growing up your family probably had a camcorder that they used to catch a significant amount of special memories on. Of course, these days we capture hundreds of photos and videos every single day with our iPhones that are always to hand. But, these older memories aren’t so easy to play back – you may find over time that the camcorder has stopped working and you can’t access them at all. What you need is video storage, so that you can keep these memories for longer and actually be able to view them. The best way to do this is to move them onto DVD – then store them together in a box, clearly labeled – so you can watch them whenever you wish.

Make a movie

Now we can take video on our phones it is easier then ever before to create a video that documents an event from start to finish. Why not download an app such as iMovie – then you can cut all the footage together – and upload it to YouTube. This will enable you to look back on a birthday party, an experience, a holiday – whatever you like, whenever you like.

Create a scrapbook

We fill up our iPhone storage with photos but how often do we actually bother to have them printed off? Why not start creating a scrapbook – for memories in general or specific events. You can then print off and stick in your favourite photos and include written details and any other relevant items such as tickets. This is a great way to create a clear picture – so when you look back on it you can remember each and every detail.


Starting a blog will enable you to write down all the relevant details including thoughts, feelings and so on. You can then include images and even your YouTube videos within the blog. So, when you look back on your memory you can recall it visually as well as getting a true understanding of how you felt at the time.

Use storage

Of course, if you wanted to keep your memories extra safe, you could invest in one of our storage units which are protected by extensive security. Maybe you have boxes of childhood toys or schoolwork that you don’t really have space for but you don’t want to get rid of. We have small units, which are 9 sq ft and can fit the same amount as a small boot – you could always start with this and upgrade as you go. Plus, should the worst happen – such as fire and flood – at least you know your priceless belongings are in a storage unit. Sofas and tables can be replaced – memories can’t.

Self Storage for Everyone