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Niche collectors cover a huge range of categories. Vinyl, comic books, graphic novels, miniatures, specialist toys – the possibilities for niche collections are endless. And the passion, dedication, time, effort, and money involved in amassing niche collections is difficult to quantify. For a lot of collectors, they’ve spent a majority of their lives building their collection. Some, for example Djs, actively use their collections but always take great care to keep them in perfect condition. Some collectors are in it for the money, and niche collections sold for profit is now a big money industry. For instance, in fine art, buying and selling has been a huge part of society for hundreds of years. But more recently, niche sneaker collectors have made a lot of money in sales.

Collectors – don’t sell! Use affordable self storage instead

There will always come a time in a collector’s life where difficult choices present themselves, and you may be faced with the possibility of putting your collection up for sale. You might be getting married and need to raise money for the wedding. You’re buying your first car or your first house, and those deposits payments aren’t cheap. Then there are issues of space and your collection of Warhammer miniatures or vinyl’s takes up an entire room. Therefore you have to make that awful decision whether to sell the collection you’ve spent years building.

Even for people who see collecting as a means to an end, it still requires a lot of dedication, passion, and determination to build any type of collection. For most, if not all collectors, it’s all about the love of the collection. And the thought of parting ways with something so precious is difficult to stomach. Without a doubt, if you have original Star Wars figures that are still in their original packaging, your collection could be worth a fortune. However, it will still sting if you have to part ways.

The lure of making money is perfectly understandable, especially if it’ll help you raise much needed funds. But if you’re selling your niche collection because it’s taking up too much space, then our suggestion would be – don’t!

Your niche collection is worth so much more than you trying to make space in your home. While we’re 100% behind people clutter free living spaces, it shouldn’t come at the expense of selling your possessions. It’s true that we tend to let our possessions take up so much space that we end up losing an entire room to them. However, if your possessions have sentimental value and are worth a lot of money, then the best solution is to put them into storage.

Storage with Ready Steady Store

We offer a range of self storage containers to suit everyone’s needs. You’d be surprised just how many items you can store in a basic self storage container. An entire room’s worth of items can fit comfortably into a 50-sqft unit.  So it’s possible for you to store your entire collection without having to sell any of it prematurely.

You can access every one of our self storage units by vehicle. So you can drop off and collect your items whenever you need to. And with 24/7 access, you can use your self storage unit to suit your needs.

We have excellent security measures to ensure your collection is safe and secure. Each unit has an alarm and you receive an individual access code. There are 24-hour CCTV monitoring, fire alarms and security alarms throughout the facility.

As with most niche collections, it’s advisable to have additional insurance, which we can assist you with.

At Ready Steady Store we understand why people collect things. And one time or another, we’ve all done it, and we have the greatest respect for people who’ve gone the extra mile and have a truly niche collection of their own. Don’t get rid of your collection just to make space. You can store your collection with us for the most affordable self storage rates on today’s market.

Contact us today for a free quotation or to speak to us about our self storage options.

Self Storage for Everyone