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6 Space Maximising Hacks

Living in a small space can be difficult to manage, organize, and enjoy, but it is possible! With several space-maximizing hacks available on the internet, we’ve picked six of our favourites, to save you spending thousands of pounds on renovating, building loft extensions or worse being forced to throwaway some of your beloved possessions.

#1 Install mirrors for increased depth

Mirrors or anything that reflects light can create an illusion that will make your small room appear a lot bigger. When placed opposite a window, tabletop, or a large floor, mirrors can double your room’s scope and appearance.

#2 Use a sliding wall, curtains or room dividers to let your space breathe

Although walls can give you privacy, too many walls can make your tiny home appear much smaller. But, if you use sliding walls or curtains instead, you can still keep your privacy while creating a more visually spacious home for yourself. Also, with these type of room dividers, you can freely choose to either open or close a space when you want.

#3 Use the extra space under the stairs as a workspace or closet

Staircases have a huge amount of residual space underneath that can used effectively to maximise the space in the home. You can use the extra space to set up your home office or closet. The space underneath the space is also a great place for homey reading nooks.

#4 Invest in multi-purpose and retractable furniture

Multi-purpose and retractable furniture pieces are referred to as smart furniture for a reason. More than serving many functions, they also save the floor space of many furniture items in place of one and most are portable and easy to tuck away.

#5 Paint with white to visually enlarge your space

White makes things appear brighter and more spacious. Because light colours have the ability to reflect light, they can make a small room appear bigger and brighter. In choosing a white colour scheme, you can add in a few coloured details and pieces to add a pop of color and make your space more appealing and inviting.

#6 Use self storage

We’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest this as an option to maximise the space in your home. But it’s simple and cost-effective way of accommodating your extra possessions, and what’s more we can help. Get an instant quote from your local Ready Steady Store now.

Self Storage for Everyone