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8 Home improvements to make to your home this summer

Could your home do with a little TLC? Have you been talking about doing work to it for some time but not got round to it yet? Do you fancy a project? Then why not make some improvements to your home this summer?

Home improvements will benefit you for as long as you live in the property, but they will also add value to it when the time comes to sell!

So, what are you waiting for?

Downstairs loo

An extra bathroom can boost your home’s value by around 5% and means you won’t have to fight to get in the one you currently have each morning. En suites are in demand, but a downstairs loo is also beneficial to any home.

If you already have one then you might want to update it – it is the one your guests will see after all. But, if you don’t have one, it’s time to find the space, so friends can use the toilet without trailing their muddy feet upstairs.

The benefit of a downstairs loo is that all you need is a toilet and basin, and this can fit in the smallest and most unlikely of places if you plan it properly.

Need some downstairs loo ideas? Take a look at Pinterest for advice on where to put it and how to decorate.

Knock down a wall

Have you considered knocking down a wall to make the space look and feel much bigger? Open-plan is very trendy at the moment and desirable for house hunters looking for a simple, practical space. How about the wall between your kitchen and dining room? Or dining room and lounge?

This will take far less time and stress than an extension would, but will have a big effect on your home. Don’t forget to check whether the wall is providing structural support before you take a sledgehammer to it though!

Build a conservatory

Unlike an extension, a conservatory does not, in most cases, require planning permission. This provides you with an extra room in your house but, of course, it does require you to give up some of your garden space.

However, in a country that provides us with an awful lot of rain, it does enable you to enjoy the garden when the weather doesn’t allow you to get outside.

Experts suggest you can expect 108% return on your investment off the back of this fairly straightforward home improvement.

Clear the clutter

Making improvements to your home doesn’t have to cost you a penny, it could be as easy as clearing away the clutter.

Did you know that just clearing some space and making your home tidy, organised and presentable can add value to it? Plus, a chaotic house will result in a chaotic mind. Do you often feel stressed? Are you late for everything because you can’t find your keys? You will feel far more calm and prepared for the day if the house is free of clutter.

Make sure the rubbish goes in the bin and that you donate unwanted items to charity or sell what you no longer need instead of hoarding them. If there are items you don’t use on a day-to-day basis that are getting in the way, pop them in one of our storage units. You can keep them here and retrieve them whenever you wish, but you will also get your space back!

Work on your garden

When working out which home improvements need doing, don’t forget about the garden. This is a much a part of your home as the house itself.

Your front garden is the first impression others have of your home so, if the grass is overgrown, the flowers are drooping and the branches are dead, it is time to get the spade out.

Mow the lawn, cut back the bushes, clear the rubbish and plant some beautiful, colourful flowers. A well looked after garden will give your home a welcoming and modern feel.

A lick of paint

Choose the same colour you already have to freshen it up, opt for a brighter colour to transform the space or an on-trend colour so your home is at the height of fashion. How about ‘Greenery’ – Pantone’s colour of the year? Or, a pretty pastel, perfect for the summer months?

Would you like to transform the walls even further? How about putting up a wall decal – these will have a big impact on the space but are cheap and easy to remove or replace, if and when you wish.

Change your flooring

Your carpet will become worn out and faded, particularly in areas you walk through the most such as the hallway and stairs. This can cause your property to look aged, but simply getting the carpets cleaned can give it a fresh look.

However, if they are beyond cleaning or you fancy a change then choose a new colour for your carpet or swap it out for vinyl flooring – this will be easier to keep clean and you could always finish it off with a brand new rug.

Update your doors and windows

Alongside your garden, the exterior of your house is the first thing visitors and potential buyers will see. Fixing and cleaning up this space can make a big difference and the best place to start is by updating your doors and windows.

A sliding glass door is perfect to let in the light in and breakdown the boundary between the inside and outside of the house. Likewise, have you considered a bay window? These look great but they also provide you with a larger space – one that could be used as a reading nook!

Home improvements can be as big as creating a new room or as small as tidying and organising the space. Now you just need to decide what you want to do first!

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