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Creative ways to use your shed

Shed in a back yard

What do you use your shed for? It is probably somewhere you spend as little time as possible because you can’t get through the door without walking into a cobweb and even then you have to try and navigate your way through the dark dirty space to get to your spade, which is under a pile of junk in the back corner.

Sound familiar? If it does, why not move the items that you use on a regular basis into the garage and then those that you just get out in spring for your yearly garden makeover can be moved into our storage units. You can still access them as and when you need them, but you have the space back to do something a little more creative with…

A home gym
Do you wish you could exercise from the comfort of your own home, so that you can’t use the journey to get there as an excuse not to go? Of course, you will also save yourself a significant amount of money each month. Then why not turn your shed into a home gym? You will need to Google ‘how to build a shed base’ because firstly you will also need a very secure base for this type of shed. Then simply fill it with the equipment that you use the most.

Man cave
Is your husband a bit of a shed man? If he loves nothing more than tinkering around out there, why not transform it into a man cave? He gets his own space and you don’t have to give up your spare room. What you put in here is up to you – but you might want to include a sofa, a TV and games console, perhaps a pool table and maybe even a mini bar.

Set up a business
You want to set up your own business but you can’t afford to rent the space to do so? Well, you don’t need to if you have a shed. This is the perfect place for a start-up. It gives you a specific place to ‘go to work’ so you don’t get distracted and struggle to differentiate between your ‘work hours’ and ‘home time.’ This could be anything from the office or a stock room to something more specific such as a beauty salon or a workshop.

A playhouse
When your kids can’t play outside during the winter because it is too cold, you could transform your shed into a playhouse, so they can spend time out of the house, whatever the weather. Plus, they can make as much mess as they like and you still have the lounge to yourself and can walk round without tripping over a toy car.

A home spa
What if you could treat yourself to a spa break to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries – whenever you want – without paying out money that you can’t really afford. You could spend every evening in a hot tub if you turn your shed into a home spa. You will feel so much better after spending a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of your home in the calming and relaxing atmosphere you have created in your shed.

Before you transform your garden shed into any of the above, as well as giving it a clean and a lick of paint, you will need to learn how to insulate a shed because it will get very cold in the winter if you don’t!

Self Storage for Everyone