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Decluttering Your Home

Furniture storage in Nottingham

So the decision has been made! it’s time to update your home’s furniture, and you need to decide what to do with your current three-piece suite. It’s still in good condition but it’s out of date, and you want to invest in a whole new set of furniture to go with a new décor.

There are a lot of good reasons for wanting to hold on to your furniture. Your children, nieces and nephews are growing up way and might soon be heading off to college or university. Or, after they get a steady full-time job, they’ll be moving into their own place  and will need their own furniture. Therefore, since everything you have now is in decent condition it seems like a waste to get rid of it.

Keeping furniture for future use

Storing furniture is a great idea but doing that at home is difficult. Larger items take up a lot of room, even if you’re lucky enough to have a loft, garage and a shed to use. And by storing your settees, tables, and cabinets in your garage, you’ll then have no space for your car. Or any room to store things you need to use on a regular basis. Although it’s not something people consider much, your garage, loft, and especially your shed, are not suitable places for long-term storage. This is because they weren’t designed to undertake the task of preventing fire, water damage or theft.

So you’re in a bind; you want to keep as much furniture as you can for various reasons but you don’t have the space to do so. And you can’t guarantee it won’t get damaged. Is there any point of trying to store furniture for future use with all this in mind?

By using Ready Steady Store Storage you’ll be able to store as much furniture and related items as you need without taking up additional space in your home.

Storage with Ready Steady Store

Ready Steady Store has been helping hundreds of customers store their possessions every year. Our unique self storage units have a drive-up facility, making it easy to offload and collect things. We offer 24/7 access as standard; and every self storage unit has larger opening bays to assist with bulky items; and security shutters with individual access locks for extra security.

Self storage units are purposely built for storage. They’re designed to keep out the elements and prevent damage that houses and garage are more prone to. At Ready Steady Store we’ve had years’ of experience at storing people’s possessions; and our number one drive is to provide the best customer service for the most affordable price on the market.

Sometimes we don’t want to part with our furniture if it’s in good condition but we want to update our homes. There is a way of retaining your old furniture – while also ensuring your home and garage doesn’t get bombarded with unused furniture – that’s affordable, safe and secure. And we’re confident we can provide the exact level of storage to suit your needs.

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Self Storage for Everyone