Why you should give you home a spring clean

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The daffodils are out in full bloom sending splashes of yellow across our gardens, the smell of freshly-cut grass is in the air and the days are starting to get warmer and brighter, for longer. Spring is finally here which means it is time to start gathering together your cleaning products for the big yearly clean.

Of course we do (or at least we should) clean our homes regularly, but while we might hoover and dust, we sometimes don’t move our furniture and get into all the nooks and crannies.

A spring clean is the opportunity to do this – clean every corner of your home from top to bottom. Research found that around 76% of the UK spring clean their homes every year, with the May Bank Holiday being a particularly popular time to do this and 16% spend more than 15 hours doing this.

However, a separate survey discovered that 85% of Brits think the tradition could soon be a thing of the past and one-in-five said they had never done a spring clean.

The tradition of spring cleaning evolved as a way of refreshing rooms after a long stuffy winter. It comes from the days when fireplaces heated homes; spring was then an opportunity to finally open the windows and clean away all the soot and grime that had gathered over the previous months.

Today many of us still do take the opportunity to let in the fresh air and wash all the hard-to-reach places, partly because the warmer weather and lighter days give us the boost we need to get it done. However, it has also become a tradition that not everyone sticks to even though they should…

Before you start do some research. This may sound silly, as it is just cleaning after all, but you may find some spring cleaning tips that will help you to clean in a much more time-efficient way. You may also find some hints and tricks that you never thought of such as ways to make your own, natural, cleaning products.

Not only is it a chance to deep clean your entire home, it is also an opportunity to have a clear out – but do this first, so you aren’t cleaning anything you aren’t going to keep. Sort out three piles – rubbish to be thrown out, items to donate to charity and anything you can sell. You may even find things that you don’t need on a day-to-day basis that can be moved into one of our storage units, so they are out of the way – giving you both less to clean and more space. You could also use this extra space to put anything you want out of the way during the big spring clean to enable you to be thorough and make the process much quicker and easier.

You may also be surprised how much dirt has gathered under the fridge, on the curtains and behind the sofa – all the areas that don’t get cleaned at any other time during the year. If you don’t take this opportunity to clean them it is unlikely you ever will so, the dirt will just continue to build. Did you know if you don’t clean your home it can end up harboring more bacteria than a public bin?

Plus, you will feel so much better when it is done – you will have both a sense of achievement that you have completed such a mammoth task and your home will be clean and fresh.