How And Where To Store Your Books

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If you love reading as much as Matilda Wormwood or Hermione Granger, then you’ll be accustomed to the sight of a wildly overflowing bookcase. If you have more books than shelves for them to live on, now’s the time to get creative with your literary storage.

The great news is there are loads of eye-catching options for you to work with and we’ve put together a collection of our favourites to get you started.

1. Create a cosy reading space
Whether you have a little corner in a living space that needs sprucing up or a spare room that could do with cosying, creating a peaceful reading area is a great idea. Grab a spare chair or bean bag with a comfy cushion and blanket, use a coffee table and reading lamp to illuminate the area, add in a wicker basket filled with books and you’re well away! Update the basket of books every month and you’ve got yourself a simple space for storing your favourite reads.

2. Mount wire baskets to your kitchen wall for cookery books
Storing your cookery books in the living room bookcase is impractical, right? Well, how about getting your hands on a wire basket, mounting it to your kitchen wall by the base and there you have it – an ideal home for Nigella and Jamie’s recipes.


Old step ladder? Pallets laying around? Upcycle!
Upcycling is certifiably therapeutic and satisfying. When it doubles up to create functional storage space it’s a double win! If you have an old wooden step ladder in storage then get your hands on some sandpaper, plus paint or varnish to spruce it up.

It’s now ready to rest against an otherwise plain wall, with a collection of your books propped on the steps. Pallets are also amazingly versatile – take a look at some of these YouTube tutorials for some amazing book storage inspiration!

Books in a book store

Make a new feature wall
Do you have a super boring wall in your house? Have you been toying with the idea of painting it a loud colour or papering over it? You could instead turn it into a feature wall either with a bookcase (or two!) covering the entire space or floating shelves dotted around the area, adorned with your favourite novels.

Spice up your life
Purchasing items from Ikea and not using them for their originally intended purpose is a tried and tested trend. Their spice racks have been repurposed for a variety of reasons around many homes, including perfume shelves and jewellery storage – we’re suggesting you give them a lick of paint and either mount them to a wall or to the side of a chest of drawers. Some of your books now have a brand new home!


Simply stack!
Stacking your books in a uniformed size order is a simple idea that often gets overlooked. Sturdy hardbacks macke for great stacking and the completed look is a colourful makeshift coffee table – just don’t forget to use a coaster!

Try out some of these incredibly easy storage ideas and if you’re ever in need of somewhere to house a surplus of books before checking through them and perhaps donating or selling some, look into a small storage unit to tide you over.