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Making room for redecorating with storage in Nottingham

Anyone that has redecorated their house or done some remodelling will know that it’s a huge commitment to undertake. And if there’s little to no planning done in preparation then it’s going to be a difficult, stressful, and an arduous task.

The best way to approach this is to keep the stress of the actual project to a minimum by planning and preparing the work well in advance of the start date. And start by setting a start date! The best example to use to highlight this is redecorating as it’s usually the one that seems least intensive.

People often start by clearing the room they’re redecorating and moving everything into various other rooms and spaces. The next point to highlight is this; trying to move items from the room you’re working on; then repeating the same action is not a good way of reducing stress and is very inefficient. You are effectively taking two-three rooms out of use, which will inevitably cause space issues and might make you try to rush your project.

So what’s the most effective way of undertaking your next large DIY project without causing space issues; while giving yourself enough time to complete your project without it becoming a chaotic nightmare?

The best solution that will help your next household revamp project is to use Ready Steady Store for the duration of your next project.

We offer a range of self storage containers to suit everyone’s needs. So if you live in a 2-bedroom apartment or a 5-bedroom detached, we can accommodate your possessions. And you’ll only pay for the storage you need.

At Ready Steady Store each of our self storage units are drive up so you can drop off and collect your items whenever you need to. And with 24/7 access, you can use your self storage unit to suit your needs.

Don’t add to the stress of your next household project – it’s always easier to work when there’s a clear space.

Contact us today for a free quotation or to speak to us about our self storage options.

Self Storage for Everyone