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How to Deal With Moving Away From Family & Friends

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  1. Tip #1 – Use a professional team to help you move
  2. Tip #2 – Simplify the process with self storage
  3. Tip #3 – Create a place that feels like ‘home’
  4. Tip #4 – Establish your new rhythm
  5. Tip #5 – Make time for making new friends
  6. Tip #6 – Use technology to stay connected
  7. Tip #7 – Build upon shared interests
  8. Tip #8 – Get together as often as possible
  9. Tip #9 – Make time for wellness
  10. Tip #10 – Stay positive
  11. Tip #11 – Remember why you moved in the first place
  12. Discover self storage near you

Moving away from family and friends is a tough decision to make, especially if you’ve never done it before. Whether you’re a student, have had a relationship change, or you’re moving for work, it’s normal to have second thoughts or be feeling anxious.

The truth is, there are steps you can take to make the most of this journey and limit your homesickness after you leave. In this guide, we’ve put together a few handy tips for relocating afar in order to give you the best possible start.

  1. Use a professional team to help you move
  2. Simplify the process with self storage
  3. Create a place that feels like ‘home’
  4. Establish your new rhythm
  5. Make time for making new friends
  6. Use technology to stay connected 
  7. Build upon shared interests
  8. Get together as often as possible
  9. Make time for wellness
  10. Stay positive
  11. Remember why you moved in the first place
  12. Discover self storage near you

Tip #1 – Use a professional team to help you move

The best way to ensure a trouble-free move is to hire professional help; the process is bound to be emotionally draining. This will also allow you to spend more time with the people that matter before you finally leave. Just make sure to do your homework to find the best movers for you.

Tip #2 – Simplify the process with self storage

Not everyone is comfortable with uprooting their life especially if the move is quite far. Self storage can help ease the transition, so you feel better prepared; sometimes, it’s easier to break things down into more manageable chunks. Whatever your circumstances for moving, you can store your belongings with us until you get your new household up and running in a more organised way. It’ll also help if you plan on redecorating the space and you don’t want the risk of damage; we’re happy to hold onto things like furniture as long as you need.

Tip #3 – Create a place that feels like ‘home’

The best way to deal with moving away is to surround yourself with comfort and warmth. Nothing says home like scatter cushions, family photos and blankets. A few plants will also help brighten your day and add a touch of colour, not to mention cleanse the air and keep you healthy too. In fact, according to studies, house plants can help to increase a feeling of wellness and ease tension, such as lavender, chamomile and jasmine. Likewise, string lights offer a welcoming glow and are bound to generate a few smiles as you settle into your cosy new place.

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Tip #4 – Establish your new rhythm

Creating a sustainable, healthy routine will keep you grounded and prevent you from feeling off-balance due to so much change. It could be as simple as taking a quick walk before work or keeping a diary each day. A great routine is said to have far-reaching psychological benefits.

Tip #5 – Make time for making new friends

Once you’ve moved away from family and friends, new connections matter, and it helps to take a proactive approach. Whether it’s fitness and foreign language classes or yoga and cooking, local activities provide many opportunities for budding friendships. Here are some ways to make new friends and keep busy at the same time:

  • Start a part-time course – depending on your circumstances, you might even qualify for free funding.
  • Join your local gymhere’s why you can find the best of friends keeping fit.
  • Connect with other dog owners – simply head down to your local park.
  • Join a walking group – walking is great for the soul and for making new friends.
  • Start or join a book club – if you love reading, then this is an obvious choice.
  • Volunteer somewhere local – it’s free, fun and rewarding.

Tip #6 – Use technology to stay connected

Although distance may separate you from your family and friends, it’s not the end of an era, especially in today’s digital age. Nowadays, staying connected is easy; you just need a smartphone. Here are some ways to keep in touch with your loved ones:

  • Set up a family WhatsApp chat – you’ll never tire of that familiar ‘ping’.
  • Schedule regular video calls – communicating through video calls can bring you closer and having a little structure will also make sure that they happen on a regular basis.
  • Go head-to-head with online games – Draw Something has been a winner since the day it began.
  • Or why not send a physical letter? – never underestimate the impact of a pleasant surprise.

family staying connected with technology

Tip #7 – Build upon shared interests

Do you share a similar interest with friends or a family member? Then do your best to keep that mutual passion alive. Not only will this give you a constant source of things to discuss, but it’ll also make sure you stay close and keep the enthusiasm flowing even when you’re apart.

For example, if you and your dad love to run, there are plenty of apps where you can share your achievements with each other each week. The ability to still indulge in your hobby together will be a wonderful thing, and it’ll certainly help to strengthen your bond.

Tip #8 – Get together as often as possible

In addition to building on any shared interests and hobbies, make some time to see them; family and friends enrich your life in many ways. Whether it’s a full weekend back home or you plan a day trip each month, you just can’t beat a bit of quality time with the people you love.

Tip #9 – Make time for wellness

To cope with moving away from friends and your family too, these self-care tips will go a long way. So when it’s not possible to receive the comfort you need from a quick cup of tea with your mum, you’ll find your inner peace can still be restored:

  • Practice mindfulness – it can help you to feel calmer and more self-aware.
  • Get a pet – there’s nothing like a cuddle when you’re feeling lonely, and you might even make friends with other animal lovers.
  • Build healthier habitsa great habit is a powerful thing; why not challenge yourself to do 10,000 steps daily?
  • Read – not only is reading relaxing, but books can also be inspirational too and provide motivation when you need it the most.
  • Experiment with good foodtake your sister’s best recipe and then make it yourself. Familiarity will help you when you’re feeling nostalgic.

woman reading wellness

Tip #10 – Stay positive

Although it’s easy to throw this statement around, it does have its perks. A positive attitude will help you to gain a little perspective and see the big picture. Not only that, it’ll help you bust a bad mood and boost your confidence too. Check out this worldwide bestseller to discover The Secret of thinking positive thoughts.

Tip #11 – Remember why you moved in the first place

Although it might be upsetting at first, try not to lose sight of your ‘why’ – the reason you moved in the first place. Whether it was to be nearer a much better school for your children, a new partner or job, focus on your reason to be here and make the most of it. As you slowly adjust (and be sure to give yourself time), you’ll eventually become accustomed to your new surroundings.

Don’t forget to keep in touch with your family and friends; just to hear their voices will help as you go through the motions of this exciting adventure.

Discover self storage near you

It’s no secret that moving away can be a big adjustment; there’s so much to organise, plan and work out. If it all feels like it’s getting too much, let us go back to the idea of storage. It could actually make the whole experience less traumatic for everyone.

Rather than having to pack everything up in one go, storage will allow you to take it in stages so you can relocate in a more streamlined way. Not only will your workload feel less, but you’ll also buy yourself space. Don’t forget you’ll need a bit of room to have those new carpets cleaned.

If you’ve got a big move coming up, taking your time will keep you feeling motivated. At Ready Steady Store, we have storage facilities across the UK, including Bournemouth, Wokingham, Manchester, and Leeds. Contact us to get a free quote or speak with one of our friendly advisors over the phone; 0800 3211 321. Thank you for reading.

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