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How we are Investing in our Business and Protecting our Customers

It’s been a challenging year for most businesses and for us it’s been no different. Bouncing back from COVID is one thing but now it’s important we start building for the future. 

At Ready Steady Store, we are determined to drive forward, invest in our business and provide the very best facilities and service for our customers. 

What are we doing? 

We are putting a number of measures in place to ensure we are constantly developing and improving our facilities. While this is a company-wide strategy, our Manchester Central facility was the first to see these new improvements. 

Exterior Design – In a bid to freshen up and re-vitalise the Ready Steady Store brand, the outside of the store has been cleaned and painted with all signage replaced and updated. As a result, the store has a fresher look and this is something we hope to roll out across all of our stores. 

Lighting – In line with our carbon-negative commitment, all internal and external lighting has been changed to LED. The change in lighting has made the store itself and the car park look much brighter. While we continue to make improvements towards this, as of August 2021, we are now carbon neutral. 

Sustainability – In addition to LED lighting, we will also be trialling electric car charging points as part of our sustainability strategy.

How are we protecting customers and their belongings? 

Security of the facility and the safety of staff and customers is our number one priority. As such we’re continuing to make improvements to our Manchester Store so that your belongings are safe and secure. 

Switch to a new access control system – New at our Manchester Store is a Cloud-Based access control system. This allows us to manage access to the facility remotely and more securely. This means that in the event of an issue, we can operate the gates and shutters remotely. The new system is also linked to our CCTV system so we are able to monitor all activity and act when necessary without delay. 

Onfido ID checks – In a bid to increase security even further, our online check in process has also been upgraded to include Onfido. This solution allows us to verify and check ID documents and acts as a deterrent for fraudulent activity. All Ready Steady Store customers must go through secure Onfido checks before they can sign up with us.

While these improvements have taken place in our Manchester store, we will be rolling out relevant changes to all of our stores in our commitment to protecting our customers and investing in our business.

Self Storage for Everyone