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Is your house or apartment cluttered to the point where you can’t seem to find anything? The garage is a maze of plastic containers, the shed and the loft are full, and you have no idea where anything is? Home inventory apps are here to help you organise your home and log your possessions, and they’re surprisingly easy to use.

We’re always happy to pass on handy advice to help people reduce stress and improve their living and work space. We’ve put together some suggestions for useful home inventory apps and how they can contribute to making your life easier.

Our pick – top home inventory apps

A lot of home inventory apps are free to download, some are a once-off payment, but you’ll never pay more than a couple of pounds for one. The number of features that they offer will make creating an inventory very easy to do.

  • Encircle is free, and it’s available for iPhone and Android devices, and it allows you to document your items visually which you can add notes too. It’s perfect for home inventory purposes, and landlords and insurance companies use the app to streamline their inventory process.
  • Know Your Stuff is a non-profit app that allows you use without pop-up ads. You can list all your belongings and have accurate records per room. If you have more than one property, you can list by house or apartment.
  • Home Inventory is an award-winning app that does it all. It allows its users to upload receipts and proof of purchase, any related warranty documents and even user manuals. It can also be used for things like contents insurance and even for estate planning purposes.

Why use a home inventory?

One of the main reasons we suggest people keep a home inventory is for insurance purposes. Having an active list makes your life so much easier when you need to get quotes for contents insurance. If you’re the victim of a robbery, a home inventory is the easiest way to share details with your insurance company and the police.

The feature of all home inventory apps is to separate each room’s contents and back them up with photos. If you’re looking for something, what better way than to open your inventory app to find it? A home inventory also helps when you need to replace or check appliances. If your refrigerator or other appliances are older and need safety checks, you can log dates for retesting.

Home inventory apps are a landlord’s or agent’s best friend. You can log every item before and after a tenant moves out. The photos are proof of damage should any issues arise, and everything links into the deposit negotiation at the end of a tenancy. Moreover, home inventory apps are essential to people who look after multiple properties.

Ready Steady Store – Nottingham’s favourite storage providers

We provide self storage and related services to hundreds of people in Nottingham every year. From experience, we advise all our customers to keep an inventory of their possessions when they use our facilities. Just like at home, keeping an inventory of what you’re storing ensures that you’re not keeping things that you’ll no longer use. It also helps if you require additional insurance for more expensive items.

Being able to check your possessions at the touch of a button is something that can benefit everyone. If you need to put things in storage while you renovate your home, by using a home inventory app, you can record which items came from what room, and where they are in your storage unit. If you’re a landlord who looks after several properties, it’s handy to know how many settees you have in storage.

There are lots of other reasons to store with Ready Steady Store. All our storage units have a drive-up facility as standard, making drop offs and collections much easier. You have 24/7 access to your storage unit and our facilities are CCTV monitored for security purposes.

Contact us today to discuss our storage options and to see how home inventory apps can help you organise your possessions.

Self Storage for Everyone