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Landlords and property

Nottingham’s residential property price boom – how to get value for money

Nottingham’s residential property sector is going from strength to strength. In spite of recent dips in consumer confidence in other industries the housing market is still performing well. Which is good news for the city. A healthy housing market is a sure sign of prosperity and employment opportunities, which attracts more business and potential investments. All of which adds to a healthy economy and a vibrant and exciting place to live, work and study.

With the property market remaining steady and demand outweighing supply, this works to maintain both sides of the residential real estate sector. Although the rentals market has come under fire somewhat, it’s worth remembering that it’s not always possible or suitable for people to buy a property. And if the landlord in question is pricing at a reasonable market rate and adheres to regular maintenance practices, then it shouldn’t be an issue. Rentals boost the city’s economy and creates employment, which should be taken into account. Unlike a lot of cities in the UK, Nottingham is proactive in granting planning permission for new housing. Consequently, this will continue to strengthen this sector’s performance and it will bolster employment rates.  Furthermore, with the housing including affordable and starter homes, it means more people can get onto the property ladder.

Working within the property sector

The opportunity to work within the property sector has never been more viable. Estate agents, mortgage brokers and landlords are already part of the industry. But it’s also open to people who are considering house-flipping or wish to become landlords themselves. House-flipping is the art of buying a property, renovating it to (or ‘intending “to) sell it at a marked-up price. You’ll have seen numerous DIY TV shows about it which hopefully highlights some of the pros and cons involves. It’s not easy – you need to be objective. However, if you choose the right properties it’s a excellent way to make your mark within the property sector. There are other mortgage schemes, such as the buy-to-let mortgage, so those who want to become a landlord. It may not have a great public perception, but it is a viable way to purchase properties to rent out.

Self storage options

The one aspect that all sides of the property sector need to consider is, how they might approach aspects of their business’s that involve storage. It might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but if you don’t have a permanent workspace, it’s worth considering your options.

At Ready Steady Store, we can provide you with an affordable space to serve as your base of operations. The security of our customers’ possessions is paramount. Every storage room is security gated, alarmed, and has CCTV monitoring. Every unit has its own individual access code and a secure roller shutter door. With 24/7 access to your storage unit, drive-up access to all units, you can come and go as you please. This is great if you’re a landlord and work unsociable hours or weekends. Or a housing contractor needing somewhere to store your tools or equipment.

We have self storage units to suit everyone’s needs, making it possible for you to store an apartment’s worth of items in one of our smaller units. Or the equivalent to a household’s storage space, should the need arise.

No matter what side of the property sector you find yourself it’s always useful to have an offsite, dedicated storage space.

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Self Storage for Everyone