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Storage for landlords in Nottingham

Being a landlord in any major city can be a rewarding business venture. Often a successful landlord or landlady can undertake and maintain several properties. And with a large student population, Nottingham is a perfect place for any potential new landlords to enter into the market.

One obstacle that most landlords will face is balancing space issues for tenants and whether or not to furnish properties. It might sound simple: pick to furnish or to leave the properties unfurnished. But more often than not, the requirements of tenants’ changes over time and a landlord will most likely have a variety of options available to help them market their rented properties.

How storage can assist your business in Nottingham

And with furniture comes the need for storage. Unlike a lot of other business sectors, private landlords who don’t work for a larger rental agency won’t have access to larger storage spaces. For example, a depot or warehouse, as it’s not financially economic to buy or rent a premises solely for that purpose. Especially at the current commercial rental rates. So the alternative would be to move furniture between properties. And when something is in need of repair, move items around until it can be returned, which leads to a confusing juggling act.

Is there an affordable way for landlords in Nottingham to have some sort of space; where they can store things like furniture or job-related equipment without increasing the monthly overheads? The solution is to use Ready Steady Store.

At Ready Steady Store we have everything a prospective landlord could need: we offer 24/7 access to fit around your schedule, each store unit is drive up which makes loading and offloading your furniture simple, and our roller doors are designed to grant access to large, bulky items.

We have self storage units to suit everyone’s needs. Therefore it’s possible to store an apartment’s worth of items in one of our smaller units. Or the equivalent to a household’s storage space, should the need arise.

By using Ready Steady Store you can improve your rental business’s efficiency. And give it an offsite space where you can store furniture and other items; with the knowledge that they are safe and secure. And without breaking the monthly budget.

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Self Storage for Everyone