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Moving To Worsley: The Essential Go-To Guide

Time to read: 10 minutes

  1. The best places to live in and around Worsley
  2. Ellenbrook
  3. Monton
  4. Eccles
  5. Boothstown
  6. Swinton
  7. The average cost of buying a home
  8. Renting in Worsley
  9. Cost of living and other expenses
  10. Things to do in Worsley
  11. Shop
  12. Eat and drink
  13. Arts and Culture
  14. Rural attractions
  15. Transport
  16. Education in Worsley
  17. Employment opportunities
  18. Moving to Worsley? Follow this countdown checklist for relocating
  19. Eight weeks prior to moving
  20. Four weeks before it’s time to go
  21. Two weeks to get organised
  22. One week and counting
  23. Did someone say moving day?
  24. Why use self-storage when relocating?

Thinking of moving to Worsley? It’s not a bad move. The village is one of the most affluent areas in Salford. It’s also renowned for its scenic woodlands and the iconic Bridgewater Canal, showcasing a different side to the city altogether.

With a population of just 12,000 locals, the community here is tight-knit, which makes it especially appealing for families of all sizes. If you’re after cosy pubs and scenic dog walks, Worsley is a dream village for many. Plus, it’s only a 20-minute commute to Manchester city centre (7.4 mi).

For those considering a move to this village, this post is for you. We’ve gathered insights on everything from the property market to the best schools. Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent, we’re going to cover it all. Read on to discover the possibilities that await you in Worsley.

  • The best places to live in and around Worsley
  • The average cost of buying a home
  • Cost of living and other expenses
  • Things to do in Worsley
  • Transport
  • Education in Worsley
  • Employment opportunities
  • Moving to Worsley? Follow this countdown checklist for relocating
  • Why use self-storage when relocating?

The best places to live in and around Worsley

Undoubtedly, Worsley is a beautiful place to consider, but if you’re open to broadening your horizons in the quest for your ideal property, why not explore the neighbouring towns? The Greater Manchester area offers many fantastic locations that serve as a perfect hub for families with connections to Worsley and Manchester city centre.

Let’s delve into some of the most sought-after places situated just beyond the boundaries of Worsley:


Nestled within the charming suburb of Worsley in the City of Salford, Ellenbrook presents an idyllic haven for both couples and families. The serene streets make it a sought-after location, and Ellenbrook’s local pubs, cafes and shops offer convenience without sacrificing its intimate charm.

Although Ellenbrook is renowned for its Victorian architecture and well-maintained gardens, it boasts a variety of housing, from luxury flats to modern detached family homes. Access to the city is also relatively easy if you plan to commute, and there’s even a local golf club and weekly farmers market.

Salford gem in Monton


Often referred to as the ‘new Didsbury,’ this Salford gem thrives with an irresistible charm. Tucked away within Eccles, Monton boasts a diverse array of cafes, restaurants, and shops, adding to its vibrant heartbeat. In fact, you’ll find a lot of the action lies along Monton Road.

In addition, Monton’s property prices have experienced a remarkable surge, matching those of its neighbouring village, Worsley, and even surpassing the average prices in the wider Salford area. The rising popularity of Monton, particularly among young professionals and families, showcases its coveted status as a sought-after location, prompting substantial investments in their dream living space.


With access to some excellent, well-kept parks and public transport, Eccles shines as a convenient place to settle.

Lately, new developments have also added to the allure of Eccles, not to mention its schools. It’s definitely one to add to your property searches in Greater Manchester.


With a strong sense of community, Boothstown offers a peaceful and attractive place to call home. Despite lacking direct tram or rail links, you can get access to the city via nearby Ellenbrook, making commuting from here pretty convenient.

Residents also benefit from a range of dining options and stunning leisurely strolls thanks to the area’s abundant agricultural land. Overall, Boothstown offers a well-balanced lifestyle and is a great place to put down some roots without feeling too isolated from modern amenities either.


Swinton, a well-loved town located in the City of Salford, stands out as an ideal place for couples looking to settle down and raise a family. With a population slightly larger than that of Worsley, Swinton boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere that never fails to draw new residents in.

One of Swinton’s notable features is its easy accessibility, making it convenient for both residents and visitors. The town also takes pride in its efficient transport system, with two well-connected railway stations, providing convenient travel options for those commuting to work or exploring the surrounding areas.

The average cost of buying a home

In terms of house prices, Worsley has seen remarkable growth, as reported by property portal Rightmove. Last year, the average house price soared to £277,906, marking an impressive 21% surge compared to the peak value of £229,730 in 2020.

Among the diverse options, semi-detached properties emerged as the most common choice, boasting an average price of £269,076. Terraced properties also proved popular, fetching an average of £212,128. Meanwhile, for those seeking something a little bigger, detached homes were available at an average price of £451,625. However, it’s important to note that property values can vary significantly based on factors such as the quality of the finish, location, and number of bedrooms.

Renting in Worsley

Would you prefer to rent instead of purchase? Based on research carried out by, the average monthly (PCM) rental price for a Worsley property is £1,798.

To rent a Worsley flat, you’ll also be looking at roughly £895, while a house in the same area fetches £1,899 on average.

Homes in Worsley

Cost of living and other expenses

If you’re moving to Worsley, you’ll find the cost of living in Salford is below the UK national average for everyday essentials. For instance, a meal for one will set you back about £12, while a cappuccino comes in at a reasonable £2.50.

It’s worth noting, however, that utility bills in Salford are higher compared to the national average. The monthly cost for electricity, heating, water, and garbage is around £194.93, whereas the UK average stands at £155.

Here’s what else you can expect to pay in Worsley:

  • Broadband (monthly) – £21
  • A one-way ticket on public transport – £3.90
  • Bottle of mid-range wine – £6
  • 1 litre of petrol – £1.55
  • Loaf of fresh white bread – £1.09
  • Pack of chicken fillets – £5.18

Things to do in Worsley


Worsley offers a delightful shopping experience with a mix of charming boutiques, independent delicatessens and convenient stores. Whether you seek a leisurely stroll or an extravagant spree, you can undoubtedly shop until you drop here.

For a more extensive retail therapy, the renowned Trafford Centre is a mere 10-minute drive, providing many shops and entertainment options. Moreover, for those craving a grand urban adventure, Manchester’s city centre is not far and boasts top-notch retail havens like the Arndale Shopping Centre, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols.

Eat and drink

Surrounded by pretty nature reserves and woodlands, Worsley boasts a diverse culinary scene. From dog-friendly pubs to sophisticated Italian restaurants, here, you’ll find something for everyone’s taste.

Some of the popular restaurants in Worsley include:

  • Vesuvio – a must-visit for authentic Italian small plates.
  • Coal and Cotton – apparently, dogs and their well-behaved owners are welcome.

Arts and Culture

Explore Salford Museum and Art Gallery, where you can immerse yourself in a captivating Victorian gallery, along with art and sculpture exhibits, both permanent and temporary contemporary displays.

For a delightful artistic experience, head to The Lowry, a renowned theatre and creative hub in Salford Quays. There, you can enjoy a variety of plays, galleries, and exhibitions.

Rural attractions

Worsley is a charming destination, especially outdoors, and adventurers can indulge in a delightful array of activities. Whether you’re seeking peaceful walks, wildlife encounters, or historical treasures, Worsley offers a delightful outdoor experience for every nature lover.

Here are some fantastic things to do in Worsley:

  • Buile Hill – discover the beauty of the Grade II-listed Buile Hill Park, where you can enjoy outdoor exercise equipment and have a relaxing picnic amidst historic surroundings.
  • Clifton and Blackleach Country Parks – immerse yourself in nature’s wonder at these country parks, teeming with wildlife and birds and lakes that offer an excellent opportunity for fishing.
  • Worsley Woods – an oasis for dog walkers and families alike, Worsley Woods boasts an enchanting wildflower trail and captivating sculptures hidden within the woodlands.
  • Bridgewater Canal Walk – why not take a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Bridgewater Canal? Don’t forget to pause for a delightful coffee and cake break at The Horse Box.


Worsley is primarily served by a reliable and extensive bus network that connects the town to various destinations in Greater Manchester. Several bus routes run through the suburb, providing convenient transportation options for residents to access nearby areas and the city centre.

Additionally, Worsley is also situated close to the M60 and M62 motorways, providing excellent connections to various other destinations. The M60, often referred to as the Manchester Ring Road, encircles Greater Manchester, offering convenient access to different areas within the city and beyond. Similarly, the M62, one of the Pennine’s major roadways, connects Manchester to Liverpool and other cities such as Leeds in the North West.

While Worsley doesn’t have its own train station, nearby towns and cities, such as Swinton and Walkden, have railway stations that offer train services to destinations across the region and beyond. These train stations are accessible to Worsley residents by bus or private transportation, providing further options for longer-distance travel.

Furthermore, in recent years, the Greater Manchester region has been investing in sustainable transportation initiatives, including promoting cycling and walking. Worsley has seen improvements in cycling infrastructure, encouraging residents to use bikes for commuting, local journeys and leisure activities.

Education in Worsley

The majority of schools in Worsley have been given an Ofsted rating of either ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good,’ which contributes to the village’s reputation for providing high-quality education.

If you want to learn about the specific catchment areas and enrollment requirements for different Worsley schools, it is recommended to contact a local letting/sales agent or directly reach out to the schools themselves.

Five of the best primary schools in Worsley:

The top three high schools in the area:

Employment opportunities

According to Adzuna, Worsley presents promising job opportunities for its many residents. With an average salary of £33,834 in Salford, it reflects a competitive job market that has witnessed a remarkable 5.8% year-on-year increase in salaries, surpassing the national average annual change of 4.5%.

Currently, there are 1,530 live job ads in Salford, contributing to the thriving job market comprising a total of 1,051,230 job opportunities nationwide. Among the most sought-after positions in the area are IT roles and Teaching jobs, showcasing the diversity of employment sectors available.

The top companies hiring in Salford also include:

  • NatWest
  • Liberty Environmental
  • The Lowry Hotel

Moving to Worsley? Follow this countdown checklist for relocating

Stay on top of the process with this handy list – simply check them off as go and you’ll be winning at life.

Eight weeks prior to moving

  • Get important documents together – getting paperwork together at least eight weeks before moving day is crucial for a smooth and stress-free relocation. By creating a well-organised folder to store all relevant files, you’ll ensure easy accessibility and prevent any last-minute scrambling. Did you know we even offer a reliable archiving and document storage solution?
  • Get an estimate from a removal company – find three removal companies and obtain a quote from each. Assess whether their services align with your budget, and additionally, ensure they possess proper licensing and insurance. If you’re considering a DIY approach, check out our exclusive Enterprise van deals.
  • Collect some cardboard boxes and start packing – begin packing your boxes right away to give yourself ample time to sort and arrange your belongings. By starting early, you’ll steer clear of any last-minute rush and minimise the chances of leaving any items behind – here’s where you can also get your cardboard boxes for free.

Four weeks before it’s time to go

  • Notify those of importance – when relocating, it is crucial to inform the appropriate individuals well in advance, such as the DVLA and your banks. You can also avoid the hassle of important mail being sent to your previous address by promptly redirecting it. This proactive step will help ensure a smooth transition to your new location.
  • Register with a new doctor, dentist, and vet – are you planning to relocate to a different city? If so, it’s essential to search for a new doctor and dentist. For pet owners, it’s also crucial to locate a new vet to be prepared for any emergencies. Don’t forget to bring your pet’s vet records with you.

Two weeks to get organised

  • Get rid of any perishable items – as transporting food in large quantities can be tricky, it’s best to consume it before your journey or consider donating anything still in its packet to charity.
  • Organise self-storage – arranging self-storage in Worsley two weeks before moving provides several valuable benefits. Firstly, it ensures you secure the ideal storage unit size and location, preventing last-minute stress and disappointment. Additionally, early planning allows for efficient packing and organisation, giving you ample time to sort and declutter belongings before the moving day, making the process smoother and less overwhelming.

One week and counting

  • Clean your old home – relocating doesn’t excuse leaving the place untidy. Demonstrate your appreciation for your former home by ensuring it’s clean before departing. This considerate gesture will greatly benefit the next owner.
  • Pack the essentials – as moving day draws near, it’s essential to prepare a box of necessities that will easily stand out amidst all your belongings. Don’t forget to pack items such as toiletries, bedding, and a change of clothing. Adding a few comforting items will also ensure a pleasant and cosy first night in your new home.

Did someone say moving day?

  • Work with your movers – it’s the long-awaited day, and it’s filled with excitement! Just make sure to assist your moving team by promptly pointing out delicate or oversized objects. Being present during the loading process will also ensure your belongings are loaded properly onto the lorry. Once you’re content, you can do one final sweep.
  • Do one final sweep – before the movers drive away, perform a final inspection of your home to ensure that nothing has been left behind.

Why use self-storage when relocating?

Thinking of moving to Worsley – why not get in touch with our team? We can hold on to any items while you settle. Whether you come up against unexpected delays or you’d like to gradually unpack, your belongings will be safe until you’re ready to transport them to your new property.

Find out more about Speedy Move-In or call us free on 0800 321 3211.

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