Self Storage for Everyone

Moving home

Reduce the stress of moving home

Moving house or renovating your home can be a very stressful time for all the family. One way of relieving that stress is to use self storage to get your household possessions safely out of the way while you concentrate on the other things that have to be done. It’s an option that more and more people are starting to choose.

You can put some of your household possessions into storage to create more space while you are selling your house, or you can store all your things for a short period while the house sale or purchase is completed.

If you are having building work done or renovating, every room seems to be in a mess and you worry about damage to valuable items. You can just rent a storeroom to keep your things safe, and your home tidy, while the work is going on.

Even if you aren’t planning to move or extend, using self storage is a great opportunity to de-clutter your home. Think of storage as the ‘new loft’, allowing you to create space without building an extension or moving to a bigger home.

Storage doesn’t have to be expensive. Locker storage can start from as little as £5 per week. And it’s flexible. You can choose how much storage you want and it’s easy to increase or reduce the space you have.  Access is safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Everything you need for packing, moving and storing your goods is available, from Bubblewrap and Cardboard Boxes to free trolleys for moving your goods, to marker pens and wardrobe boxes. And not least, you get expert advice and help from friendly staff.

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Self Storage for Everyone