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Moving home

The ultimate guide to moving out of your parent’s home

The time has finally come – you are about to fly the nest. While this comes with countless benefits, it also means no more nutritious hot meals on the table for you at 6pm every evening, your clothes won’t miraculously go from a dirty pile on the bedroom floor to washed, ironed and hanging in the wardrobe, and you must ensure you budget for rent and bills or you could see yourself kicked out on to the street…

Moving out of mum and dad’s and into a home of your own is an incredibly exciting time. But, it can also be a scary one, and one that you suddenly don’t feel ready for during that first night spent alone in your own place.

So, whether you are buying your first home with a partner or moving into a rented flatshare, here are a few things you need to consider when moving out of your parent’s house.

Save up and budget

Now, more than ever before, you need to manage your money. On top of the rent or mortgage, you will need to pay bills – electricity, water, broadband, TV license, council tax and so on. You also need to keep the fridge stocked full of food and your car topped up with petrol, not to mention your other outgoings. It is vital that you have some savings (as a back up) and budget the money you are earning. Don’t spend it all on takeaways and nights out and then panic when a huge water bill lands on your doormat.

Learn from your parents…

In the months or weeks leading up to the move it is important to take advantage of your parents – in terms of learning from them, that is. Don’t know how to cook? The last thing you want to do is live off ready meals for the foreseeable future, so ask your mum or dad teach you at least a few simple recipes. Similarly, if the thought of organising and paying bills terrifies you – sit down with your parents and ask them talk you through it.

Let people know you have moved

This doesn’t just mean updating your Facebook status to brag to your friends that you have your own place. This means informing the DVLA – if you drive, your banks, the electoral commission, doctors / dentists, to name but a few.

What do you need to do first?

The first thing you need to do on moving into your property is to organise payment of bills. This includes contacting your local authority to arrange your council tax, buying a TV license and finding out who supplies your gas and electricity. Take meter readings if you can, and if you’re moving into rented accommodation, photograph the property so you have proof of the condition it was in at the beginning of your lease.

Take advantage of our storage units

Unfortunately, whether you are renting a room or purchasing a new build, it isn’t likely to have much space. So, why not invest in one of our units and see it as an extension of your home? It is the perfect place to store the items you don’t use on a day-to-day basis but don’t want to get rid of.

Self Storage for Everyone