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Moving to Great Harwood: A charming and peaceful town in Lancashire

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  1. Here are a few topics we thought would be helpful:
  2. Popular Areas Surrounding Great Harwood
  3. If you’re exploring places to live in and around Great Harwood, we’ve listed a few popular areas surrounding Great Harwood that would be a good place to live.
  4. Cost of Living in Great Harwood
  5. House Prices in Great Harwood
  6. Things to See and Do in Great Harwood
  7. Travelling Around in Great Harwood
  8. Education Options in Great Harwood
  9. Employment Opportunities in Great Harwood
  10. Moving to Great Harwood Checklist
  11. Are you moving to Great Harwood? Simplify your storage with us.

Moving to a different location can be an exciting journey, and Great Harwood provides a special experience for individuals looking for a new beginning with its charm and peaceful atmosphere. Warmly nestled in Lancashire, England, this picturesque town has become a desirable destination for individuals and families alike.

Here are a few topics we thought would be helpful:

  • Popular areas surrounding Great Harwood
  • Cost of living in Great Harwood
  • Housing prices in Great Harwood
  • Things to do in Great Harwood
  • Transportation in and around Great Harwood
  • Education options in Great Harwood
  • Employment opportunities in Great Harwood
  • Moving checklist

Popular Areas Surrounding Great Harwood

If you’re exploring places to live in and around Great Harwood, we’ve listed a few popular areas surrounding Great Harwood that would be a good place to live.

  1. Clayton-le-Moors: As part of the “Three Towns”, this residential area boasts a mix of housing options, from traditional stone-built homes to modern developments. It provides a strong sense of community and is close to amenities, including local shops and schools.
  2. Rishton: Meaning ‘Farm among the rushes’, and also part of the “Three Towns” Rishton along with its Lancashire neighbours has a rich industrial heritage. With a bustling high street and a superb selection of cafes and pubs, Rishton has something for everyone as either a visitor or a local.
  3. Abbey Village: Nestled in the countryside, Abbey Village is known for its scenic views and peaceful surroundings. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate a quieter lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors.
  4. Altham: Combining residential and industrial areas, Altham strikes a balance between tranquillity and convenience. The town’s industrial sector offers employment opportunities, making it a practical choice for those seeking a varied lifestyle.
  5. Accrington: with a football team at the heart of its community made famous by a milk ad in the 80s, Accrington is a former centre of the cotton and textile industries in the North.  With its famous long-standing Accrington Market and the annual soap box challenge, Accrington is a lovely hill town that’s popular among its residents and visitors alike.

Cost of Living in Great Harwood

Great Harwood boasts a reasonable cost of living, making it an attractive option for those looking to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. According to recent data, the cost of living index in Great Harwood is below the national average, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

As many of the grocery shopping options available in the area come from larger chains you can expect to pay the following for household items

  • Milk (1L) – £1.14
  • Loaf of white bread – £1.33
  • Rice (1kg) – £1.23
  • Eggs (12) – £2.73
  • Apples (1kg) – £2.10
  • Mid-range wine – £5.99

House Prices in Great Harwood

The town’s property market is known for its stability, offering a diverse range of housing options to suit various budgets and preferences. As of the latest figures, the average house price in Great Harwood is around £170,000, making it an affordable choice for both first-time buyers and those looking to upgrade.

A rental price analysis carried out by shows that for those preferring to rent, the average monthly rent for a 2-bedroom property is approximately £600pcm. Smaller properties such as 1-bedroom flats and homes can cost £450pcm whilst larger properties such as 3-bedroom homes that are available to rent in the Great Harwood area cost approx. £950pcm.

Things to See and Do in Great Harwood

  1. Great Harwood Show: Held annually, this event showcases the best of local agriculture, crafts, and entertainment. It’s a perfect way to connect with the community and experience the town’s vibrant culture.
  2. Finch Bakery: For the sweet-toothed among you, the high street is host to the amazing Finch Bakery.  Offers amazing cakes, desserts, Blondies and Brownies daily, it’s a must-visit for those who need something sweet during the day.
  3. Hyndburn Leisure Centre: A hub for sports and fitness enthusiasts, offering a variety of activities and classes. With modern facilities, it caters to residents of all ages.
  4. The Park Bar and Restaurant: When in Great Harwood a visit to The Park for some drinks and something to eat especially after a day of hiking is a must.  An amazing selection both in the bar and on the menu you won’t be disappointed.
  5. Countryside Walks: Great Harwood boasts picturesque trails and green spaces, providing the perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls or more challenging hikes. Explore the stunning countryside that surrounds the town such as the Marthholme Viaduct circular. 
  6. Great Harwood High Street: The high street in Great Harwood has bucked the trend since lockdowns and since the great re-opening has filled its high street with a variety of local businesses. Check out local businesses such as Brie Mine, Hodges Butchers and Holy Cannoli.
  7. Tipsy Cows: Love cheese? Love wine? Well Tipsy Cows is an award-winning cheese and wine bar right in the centre of Great Harwood. With a wine list of over 1600 to choose from and a master of cheese in house you are in for an amazing night. And rumour has it the sound of Karaoke can be heard from the premises every now and again.
  8. The Mercer Memorial Clock Tower: One of the main focal points and points of interest in the town. The Mercer Memorial Clock Tower – a grade II listed building – was erected in 1903 in memory of John Mercer. Mercer, who was born in the town, was an industrial chemist who revolutionised the dyeing of cotton with his invention of the process of “Mercerisation” which improves lustre, handling and other properties of the cotton.

Travelling Around in Great Harwood

While having a car can be convenient, Great Harwood has a great public transport network. The town’s bus services provide easy access to neighbouring towns and cities like Blackburn, Manchester and Preston making commuting efficient and accessible. With daily adult bus passes costing approx. £8 and a weekly pass costing approx. £17 public transport is affordable.  

The M65 is close by and the M6 provides a link to both the north and south of the country Great Harwood is perfectly situated to access the rest of the Lancashire and England.

Education Options in Great Harwood

Great Harwood offers a variety of educational options, including primary and secondary schools. Notable institutions include St. John’s Church of England Primary School rated as Outstanding by Ofsted and Great Harwood Primary School rated Good in all areas by Ofsted.

With no Higher Education available in the town, students 16 plus will have to travel to Accrington and Blackburn for College education. Accrington and Rossendale College provides Adult learning, Apprenticeships as well as degrees.

Stonyhurst College, based in a Grade I listed building on a 1,000 acre rural setting in Ribble Valley is an amazing option for students in the area offering a high quality education through faith.

Blackburn College boasts a state of the art campus designed to best suit hands on learning and industry links with employers.

Employment Opportunities in Great Harwood

The town’s mix of industries, including manufacturing and services, provides diverse employment opportunities. According to recent employment data, the unemployment rate in Great Harwood is below the national average, showcasing a favourable job market for residents. Local businesses and nearby urban centres offer a range of options for job seekers.

The largest employer by far in the area is Lancashire County Council and the NHS such as the local Lancashire Teaching Hospitals based in Preston and Chorley.

BAE Military Air Solutions has locations in Samlesbury and Warton. The largest private sector employer in the area provides opportunities for apprenticeships, graduates and those with skills from the armed forces and etch industries.

Westinghouse at Springfields in Preston employs approx. 800 skilled nuclear professionals and is an employer of choice in the area striving for a cleaner more sustainable future for energy in the UK.

There are also opportunities in the area with smaller to medium sized businesses as well as opportunities for entrepreneurs to utilise space and set up for themselves in the heart of the area.

Moving to Great Harwood Checklist

  1. Research Schools: Explore the reputation and facilities of local schools, colleges and Universities like UCLAN.
  2. Explore Housing Options: Visit different neighbourhoods to find the one that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Consult with local estate agents for the most up-to-date housing information.
  3. Transportation: Familiarise yourself with the public transportation options available in the town, including bus routes and whether train services operate in the area.
  4. Employment Opportunities: Research job prospects in Great Harwood and neighbouring areas. Local job boards and employment agencies can be valuable resources.
  5. Local Amenities: Identify nearby shops, healthcare facilities, and other amenities to ensure convenience in your day-to-day life.
  6. Community Engagement: Join local social media groups or attend community events to connect with fellow residents and get insights into the town’s social fabric.  One to look out for in 2024 is The Great Harwood Transport weekend where transport enthusiasts from across the country will come together for a family-friendly day of fun and exhibition.

Moving to Great Harwood is an opportunity to embrace a unique blend of tranquillity and community spirit. With its diverse housing options, reasonable cost of living, and a range of activities, the town welcomes newcomers with open arms. Whether you’re drawn to the scenic landscapes or the close-knit community, Great Harwood is a town where you can build a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

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