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How to pack for a stress-free move

Moving should be an exciting time, yet most of us get bogged down with stress during the tedious packing process. From broken electronics to lost personal belongings, it’s easy to see why people hate moving so much – but all of this is easily preventable. Get organised and change up the way you pack with our tips for a stress-free move.

What You’ll Need:

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as grabbing a few old boxes and sticking them in the back of a lorry. Start gathering these packing supplies so your belongings are safe and sound:

  • Various sized boxes. Make sure they are strong with ready-made handles. Boxes from Ready Steady Store are high-quality and eco-friendly. We stock a range of sizes, including the archive box that’s perfect for paperwork and mobile wardrobes featuring a handy rail.
  • Packing tape. Try to get some adhesive warning tape that reads ‘fragile’ for delicate items, otherwise make sure it’s durable and thick.
  • Old newspapers. This is an affordable way of lining boxes to add some extra cushioning.
  • Bubble wrap. Lots of it – you’ll need it for those fragile items. Large bubbles work well when you want to pad out a box while and small bubble wrap should be used for delicate items.
  • A marker and labels. Labelling your boxes is key to a stress-free move. You can write directly onto the boxes if you can’t find any plain labels, just remember to keep it somewhere visible.

Boxes are easily found for free at local shops if you ask for them but be careful – they may not be as durable or sturdy as they have already been used. You can purchase brand new boxes and packing accessories online that can deliver to your door now.

How To Pack For Moving House:

  • Create a checklist. It’s important to stay organised during this hectic time and checklists are a great way of doing so. Write down what needs to be done and by whom so nothing’s left behind.
  • Start early. It may be tempting to relax and leave it all to the last minute but this will just lead to more stress down the line. Start at least six weeks in advance if you can.
  • Start with items you don’t use often. We all have bits and bobs we don’t automatically reach for, such as Christmas decorations. Pack up the non-essentials first and then grab the must-have bits on the days leading up to the big move.
  • Label your boxes. The box should say which room the items belong in at the very least, although it’s a good idea to write down then contents too if you have time as well as where it should go in your new home.
  • Pad out your boxes. Use old newspapers, packing paper or similar to line your boxes and fill any gaps around the contents for extra security.
  • Pack one room at a time. This way you can label the boxes more efficiently and you and anyone who helps will know what box goes in what room, making the whole process of unpacking at the other end a lot less stressful.
  • Make sure you have a survival box. From toilet roll and toiletries to food and tea bags, packing essential items into a clear plastic tub can help you relax on your first day in the new place.
  • Store some belongings in a secure unit. Whether you need to carry out some decorating to your new place or need to declutter, secure storage units are a convenient way to keep some belongings out of harm’s way.
  • Photograph what’s in the box. While making a list is great, not everyone finds this helpful. If you find it hard to stay organised and on top of lists, try taking photos of the boxes instead.

By getting organised and making a head start on packing as soon as possible, you’ll put yourself in the best possible position for a stress-free move. From packing supplies to safe storage solutions, Ready Steady Store has everything you need to get started.

For more top tips on moving house, property experts Zoopla have produced a guide which you can see here.

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