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Paddleboard Storage: How to Store Your Paddleboard (SUP)

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  1. Common paddleboards to store
  2. 7 ways to store your paddleboard safely
  3. 1. On a car rack
  4. 2. With rafters in the garage
  5. 3. Leant against a wall
  6. 4. On a wall as decor
  7. 5. A freestanding paddleboard rack
  8. 6. Outside if needed
  9. 7. Keep water sports equipment in a self storage unit
  10. How to prep your paddleboard for storage
  11. Tips to prevent theft of sports gear
  12. Self storage for paddleboards and other leisure equipment

Paddleboarding is a brilliant sport and a great way to keep fit, but paddleboard storage is another thing in itself. Measuring up to 10 or 12 ft, hard paddleboards aren’t small and create a little anxiety once the temperature drops. Fear not, however, as we have written this post to keep your equipment in great shape this winter. Because after investing in a quality board, it’s well worth the effort – read on to discover the best option for you.

  1. Common paddleboards to store
  2. 7 ways to store your paddleboard safely
    1. On a car rack
    2. With rafters in the garage
    3. Leant against a wall
    4. On a wall as decor
    5. A freestanding paddleboard rack
    6. Outside if needed
    7. Keep water sports equipment in a self storage unit
  3. How to prep your paddleboard for storage
  4. Tips to prevent theft of sports gear
  5. Self storage for paddleboards and other leisure equipment

Common paddleboards to store

Finely tuned to match different activity types and skill sets, paddleboards can vary in size and construction. The main ones, however, include the following types although there is an endless variety to choose from.

  • Short, medium and long paddleboards
  • Inflatable stand-up paddleboards
  • Fibreglass stand-up paddleboards
  • All-around paddleboards (general purpose)
  • Surf paddleboards (performance)
  • Touring paddleboards (designed to carry lots of gear)

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7 ways to store your paddleboard safely

Did you know SUP stands for stand-up paddleboarding? It’s also one of the fastest-growing activities on the water! Of course, storing a paddleboard will depend on the type that you have. Hard or inflatable can be stored in very different ways. For example, an inflatable board will easily keep under the stairs (just ensure it’s clean and dry first). Unfortunately, hard versions are not as compact,  but here are some ideas to store yours over the down season.

1. On a car rack

Clearly, this isn’t an answer long-term, but it will buy you some time until you find a solution that works. Still, car storage is a viable option if you use it a lot, but one major concern is theft. Paddleboards don’t come cheap, and they should be kept safe, which is why locks are an excellent investment for roof racks. So even if you leave your car for a short while, you won’t need to worry – check out this paddleboard lock review by GILI Sports.

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2. With rafters in the garage

For those that wish to store their paddleboard in the garage, have you thought of up high? Hanging your board from the ceiling will save precious space. Whilst wall racks are great, they’re usually jam-packed with tools, and you don’t want to risk your board getting scratched. With rafters, the weight of the board will be better distributed (just remember to remove the fins to prevent them from sticking out). If this sounds like too much hard work, there’s always self storage (we’ll cover this further down).

3. Leant against a wall

If you have the floor space, but don’t want to bother with racks, leaving your paddleboard stood up will work. This is especially if you don’t plan to travel or move and you’d like it close by – who knows when you might fancy a cold-weather paddle? With this method, there’s also no heavy lifting or need to take the fins off, which makes it the most convenient option out of the lot. Simply use padding to protect the board from the floor, and lean it onto its side (never lay your SUP on its nose).

4. On a wall as decor

If you love the look of your board, this one is for you; a bespoke paddleboard mural! Not only will it look great on the wall, but it’ll also add colour and display your hobby like a piece of fine art. To avoid discolouration, however, keep it out of the sun; UV rays can actually damage the shell of your board. Likewise, you’ll want to avoid exposure to high temperatures, or your board could delaminate. A wet environment (like a bathroom) could also cause mildew and mould.

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5. A freestanding paddleboard rack

A freestanding rack is a convenient way to store paddleboards in a spare room. Often, they’re made from steel and can take some serious weight, plus the rack itself can be moved. When it comes to storing one board, keep it central, but for two, make sure they’re not on a slant. If they have a significant difference in weight, the rack may collapse and cause damage to your paddleboards. More than two SUPs? Place the heaviest at the very bottom.

6. Outside if needed

For many paddleboard fans, outdoor storage is best – sometimes, keeping a giant board at home isn’t feasible. If you have an outdoor storage box great, but if you don’t, it’s no sweat; you’ll just want to take the relevant precautions. The good news is that it’s OK to keep it outside, as long as it doesn’t get wet (British weather has a bad habit of damaging paddleboards). Wooden palettes or a trestle table will work to keep your board out of the dirt – simply wrap it in tarpaulin and secure it with lots of bungee cords.

7. Keep water sports equipment in a self storage unit

Whether you’re done with paddleboarding this year or are in between homes, we have short and long-term solutions for storing sports equipment. Your paddleboard will remain where you leave it, undisturbed and in the very best condition. Water sports equipment always lasts longer when it’s stored off the ground. What’s more, our storage facilities have wide corridors, making transporting large items really painless to do. Check out our storage for paddleboards here to help you take the load off – it’ll be waiting when you want to paddle again.

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How to prep your paddleboard for storage

After each use and before storing your board, you should always give it a good clean. This will enhance its condition for the next time you’re out and stop salt water from eating away at the material.

  • Rinse it – although it’s unnecessary to rinse your board after a freshwater trip, you’ll need to after a dip in the sea. Make sure to also pay special attention to the attachment points, handles, and fins. Salt can weaken the seams over time.
  • Clean it – next, you’ll need to remove stubborn grime with a natural detergent. Anything too harsh could potentially damage your board (don’t forget to rinse one more time).
  • Dry it – your board needs to be dry before it can be stored; you don’t want to risk the chances of rust or any bacterial growth. You can then either leave it to dry or wipe it down with a towel – either way, never store anything damp.
  • If it’s inflatable, deflate it – if you have an inflatable board, let the air out – an expansion of air could put a strain on the material.

Tips to prevent theft of sports gear

Although paddleboards are worth every penny, they can be expensive to buy, so it’s worth taking the time to protect your pride and joy from being stolen. If there’s no more room in your home, here are some anti-theft tips – after all, there’s no point in tempting fate.

  • Where possible, keep paddleboards hidden from view
  • Make it extremely difficult for a thief to grab it quickly and run
  • Take the plunge with a specialist paddleboard lock
  • Invest in more secure self storage

Self storage for paddleboards and other leisure equipment

Thank you for reading our post – we hope you’ve enjoyed it, and have somewhere safe to keep your treasures off-season. Having an interest in the great outdoors doesn’t mean your home should ever feel cramped, so if needed, we’re here for your many adventures. With stores located in Eastleigh and Bournemouth, we offer units in various sizes to store SUPs, snowboards, golf clubs and more. So, if self storage is the right option for you, why not have a chat with our team? Or select your nearest location for a free online quote.

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