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Refresh your home for summer: top 5 tips

We’ve all heard about spring cleaning, but what about a summer refresh? Your home may be spic and span in terms of cleanliness, but you won’t be summer-ready without the right look. From decluttering to your choice of textures, there are plenty of ways to bring you back up to speed now that we’ve rolled into summer. Follow our top five tips to give your home a boost to suit the warm weather.

Out with the old

With the cold comes thick throws and bulkier clothing, both of which can take up lots of room, creating a cluttered environment. While this can be cosy and comforting during the colder months, you want an airy atmosphere when summer rolls around.

Rather than stuffing them into your wardrobe or creating a mess in the cupboard, put your unneeded items into a storage unit. By doing this, you can put bulky items out of sight but retrieve them when the seasons change. Having a storage unit means there’s no need to throw anything away or have it lingering about the house. Put your throws, thick blankets, winter clothes and old decor away to give your home a summer overhaul.

Try out textures

Once you’ve put your thick blankets and throws into storage, you can replace them with lighter materials. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with textures, whether that be through rattan or natural wood tones. Replace thick blankets with light, loose linen throws; they’ll help you cool down at night and look great thrown over a sofa.

Switch up your decor with pale woven accents, using materials such as rattan, light cotton or wicker. Often used in tropical homes, this will give your home a vacation vibe, transforming your home into an exotic haven. Macramé is a particularly popular form of textile, typically hung up on walls to create a boho-inspired look for summer.

Plenty of plants

Florals and succulents are a fantastic way of giving your home that refreshing summer vibe. Dot them around the house, whether that be on your countertops, coffee table, windowsills or in the corners of rooms. Flowers are ideal for those who want a vibrant feel to the home, where succulents are great if you’re busy but still want the fresh look that plants bring. If you don’t have much space to spare, try out indoor hanging plant baskets for an easy solution to smaller homes.

Summer shades

Consider how your colour scheme affects the feel of your house. Red, green and other dark shades are typically associated with winter, particularly when used in soft furnishings. As mentioned, you should put your thicker winter-related items into storage, and this also rings true with soft furnishings. Replace them with yellow or soft pastel shades for an uplifting summer feel.

Lots of light

Now that the sun has finally made an appearance, you should really make the most of it. A bright, airy home is ideal during summer, so make sure you keep your curtains open and unblocked by furniture. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, place lamps on tables or in the corners of rooms to brighten up the place. Salt lamps give off a soft glow with a beautiful pink hue, making them an ideal choice for bedrooms and living rooms. Opt for eco-friendly LED lights to save energy and help preserve the environment.

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Self Storage for Everyone