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Security Matters: DSOC and Ready Steady Store providing Peace of Mind.

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At Ready Steady Store, our top priority is keeping our customers and their belongings safe and secure. We work to constantly review our security measures, suppliers, and procedures to stay ahead of evolving criminal tactics, rather than simply reacting to security risks. We chose to collaborate with DSOC to enhance remote monitoring in our UK network. Additionally, we have partnered with All Things Fire and Security (ATFS) to upgrade our alarm systems, and also teamed up with Bearbox for multi-factor authentication (MFA).

The Challenge

When evaluating systems and suppliers, it is important to prioritise the needs of self storage customers. The main focus should be on providing safe and secure storage options. It is crucial to find the best combination of systems, suppliers, and processes to achieve this. Before starting this project, there were break-in attempts, which was more than we anticipated. The main challenge was figuring out how to stop these break-in attempts from being successful.

The Solution

Collaborating with All Things Fire and Security (ATFS) to oversee the intruder and fire alarm systems guaranteed adherence to British fire and security regulations while staying connected to DSOC for remote monitoring. ATFS also implemented PA speaker systems in multiple stores. By merging these fresh solutions with the current access control and CCTV systems, which are also supervised by DSOC, it allowed for not just the detection of questionable behaviour but more importantly, the ability for operators to give real-time audio alerts and activate guard callouts or police interventions.

Using speakers for live warnings and immediate guard and police responses has successfully prevented at least 10 break-ins in the last three years. The overall impact of the project’s effectiveness is difficult to measure, but it provides reassurance that many potential criminals now know that Ready Steady Store sites are extremely well protected.

“Another top job here from DSOC on the security monitoring but also a great combination of companies and suppliers working together to combat the ever-rising crime within the self-storage industry.  Hard work paying off and another criminal is leaving empty-handed!”

Gary Myhill, Head of Facilities & Projects at Ready Steady Store (after a recent break-in attempt)

This project has successfully secured both facilities and professional relationships. All Things Fire and Security, Bearbox, and DSOC will keep collaborating to deliver a comprehensive, preventative solution for Ready Steady Store to foster a long-lasting partnership between all involved.

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