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Discovering Unique Creative Spaces in Nottingham

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  1. Why should you look for a creative co-working space?
  2. Top alternative creative spaces in Nottingham
  3. Cobden Place
  4. The Carousel
  5. BioCity Nottingham
  6. Antenna
  7. Backlit Gallery
  8. How to find and book an excellent co-working space in Nottingham

Nottingham is known to be a city bursting with creativity and innovation. Famous for its rich cultural scene, the city offers many creative spaces beyond traditional ones.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, or entrepreneur, finding the perfect space to unleash your creative style is essential. If you’re looking for a creative space to find inspiration or even a creative co-working space, this guide looks at alternative creative spaces in Nottingham.

Why should you look for a creative co-working space?

Being around like-minded creative people tends to inspire you if you feel like you’ve been holding back creatively. Creative spaces are designed to be visually appealing and comfortable, creating a positive and inspiring work environment. It boosts your well-being, and the atmosphere is a game-changer, keeping you focused, increasing your productivity, and growing your imagination. There is something unique in the power of collaboration and networking within a creative space. All this, paired with the perks of being in a communal area like coffee bars, event spaces, and a growing community fuelled by ideas, inspiration and motivation.

Top alternative creative spaces in Nottingham

Cobden Place

In Nottingham’s Lace Market, Cobden Place is a vibrant co-working space for creative professionals and entrepreneurs. It has already built a community of artists, designers, photographers, and other creative individuals. The modern and bright interior provides an ideal networking environment to collaborate with like-minded artists and share ideas. 

The Carousel is a unique creative space located in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter. What used to be a former lace factory, The Carousel now features artists’ studios, exhibition spaces, and a cosy café. Suppose you’re looking for a creative workspace or somewhere to host your art or an exhibition. In that case, The Carousel is a vibrant platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their work and connect with the local community.

BioCity Nottingham

BioCity Nottingham is slightly different from the rest. It’s a unique community for budding businesses, life science start-ups, and scale-ups. This flexible lab space and offices in four distinctive buildings make it the perfect fit for those looking to join a collaborative CRO cluster in the East Midlands. It has communication/presentation rooms for essential discussions and presentations and hosts industry events and boot camps exclusively for BioCity members.


Antenna is a creative hub in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter. Here, you will discover an inspiring co-working space mainly catering to businesses. Featuring modern facilities and industrial-inspired interiors, studios and meeting rooms, Antenna helps grow connections and networking opportunities. 

Backlit Gallery is an independent contemporary art gallery encouraging emerging artists and innovative artistic practices. The gallery provides a platform for experimentation, critical engagement, and creative expression through exhibitions, events, and artist residencies. The studio spaces also foster a vibrant community of creative practitioners. Since its inception in 2008, Backlit Gallery has been at the forefront of artistic spaces, supporting Nottingham’s art and culture scene. 

How to find and book an excellent co-working space in Nottingham

If you’re searching for a great co-working space in Nottingham, these simple tips should help you find and book the perfect spot to network, find inspiration and unleash your creativity. 

  1. Research and compare: Research different co-working spaces in Nottingham and compare their amenities, pricing, and location. Consider your specific needs and preferences to help you narrow down your options.
  2. Visit and tour: Schedule visits to your top three choices and tour the facilities. Pay attention to the atmosphere, cleanliness, and available amenities. It’s important to feel comfortable and inspired in your co-working space.
  3. Flexible membership options: Look for co-working creative spaces that offer flexible membership options, such as daily, weekly, or monthly passes. This way, you can test the space before committing to a long-term membership.
  4. Book and enjoy: Book your membership online or through their booking system once you’ve found the perfect co-working space. 
  5. If you’re looking for a solo studio space, there are plenty of storage facilities offering a working unit in case you’re looking for a personal working space.

Nottingham is a city that embraces creativity and provides plenty of unique creative spaces for artists, writers, and entrepreneurs. Whether you prefer the cosy space of a private studio or the collaborative energy of a co-working space, Nottingham has something for everyone. The benefits of working in a creative space are undeniable – from the opportunity to collaborate and network with like-minded individuals to the flexibility and inspiration it provides.

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