Self Storage for Everyone


Self Storage for Small Businesses

How can warehousing and bulk storage space help you grow your business?

To help other local businesses looking to streamline their outgoings, here are some guidelines where costs can be reduced resulting in significant savings:

Manage stock levels effectively and efficiently

Buying supplies in bulk is considered a cheaper way of purchasing office supplies and equipment but this can be a false economy. Ordering supplies based on actual requirements can help reduce overheads by avoiding wastage. Companies should look into spreading the cost of stock over a longer period of time, while being cautious of high interest payments. For those stuck with surplus supplies, why not give reduced rate offers to employees or the public.

Outsource your stock storage and cut back on rent

Companies that store stock on site not only pay higher rents for bigger premises but also higher utility bills. Storing excess stock, equipment and files on an external storage facility can result in significant savings on the rent and rates. Ready Steady Store provides secure self storage to local business from as little as 75p per sq ft.

Renegotiate contracts with existing suppliers to reduce costs

If the company has long term contracts with suppliers for raw materials or services, try and renegotiate a new cost effective deal with them, especially if the company relies on those suppliers for large amounts of raw materials, such as metals, timber, or paper. You may find overseas companies can provide the same product with same quality standards at a cheaper price.

Motivate staff to increase productivity

Staff wages are one of the main overheads and a cost which is unavoidable at many companies. Avoid taking on new staff by motivating the staff you have to be more productive. If your business is seasonal or experiences rushes on certain days, hire part time staff which will focuses resources during busy periods.

Use efficient technology and procedures

Using up to date technologies throughout the company can help save money. Investigate ways in which the company can do things faster at a reduced cost. Make sure your practices and procedures are up to date and look for streamlined processes. Get staff to send emails rather than making unnecessary calls and introduce calls through Skype as it will help reduce telephone costs.

Share office space with other companies

If you are a small company, sharing an office with another small company will enable you to make significant financial savings as you have will shared costs such as utility bills, insurance and rent. If you have unwanted office space, try renting it to generate some additional income.

Go eco-friendly and reduce you overheads

Focus on developing eco-friendly processes within the office to reduce overheads by closing windows when the heating is on; not boiling fell kettles for one cup of tea; recycle scrap paper for printing non-important documents for internal use; and avoid printing out unwanted emails and documents.

Trade services in exchange for other services

Consider offering your services in exchange for another service or trade (for example, printing companies can offer their services to local bakeries in exchange for a free lunch). Even offering spare meeting rooms to other companies can generate additional revenues. These measures can help both parties to make huge savings.

Self Storage for Everyone